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April 05, 2010

Review Train: Casio EX-FH100, Nikon P100, Sony TX7 (also HZ35w/WB650 preview)

Due to the high-volume of new camera reviews, we are bringing back the "Review Train" - a round-up of recent reviews of potential interest. Otherwise we would have dozens of new posts per day making it more painful to keep up with the e-flood.

We start in Japan with DC Watch Impress posting their take on the Casio EX-FH100, a compact back-lit superzoom. As usual, they have plenty of full-size real-world sample pictures for your evalutainment (evaluation + entertainment).

Next up, Nikon's 1080p mid-size sedan superzoom, the P100 gets the review treatment at Photoxels. Full-size samples are available for evaluation purposes, and as usual, we won't reveal the findings here. Staying with the P100, here is a 240fps sample video at Photography Bay.

And now to something small and cutesy, the Sony TX7, the second TX-series backlist CMOS camera, now with SD/SDHC memory card support. So time to rewatch the Steven Tyler TV ads and re-evaluate the Cybershots ;-) And all that is preface to a review of the camera at Camera Labs.

The next one is posted on Samsung's own imaging blog, so we consider it a preview or technical marketing, but not a review. Samsung may have had noble intentions when it started this, but this further expands the gray area and shrinks the reviewer independence territory. However, it may be a while before someone posts a review of the Samsung HZ35w/WB650 15X zoom, so it may be helpful to anyone interested in the camera because it has lots of close-ups of the camera body and menus.

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