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April 01, 2010

Review and samples roundup: HX5v, H55, SX20 IS. TZ8, and P100

A new wave of reviews and samples for select superzooms has come out the last couple of days. Time to round them up! We start with the reviews, with the Sony HX5v get a short review at CNet UK. If you recall seeing multiple CNet reviews per camera, you are not having a deja vu. There are many different CNets and sometimes every one of them independently reviews a particular camera.

From the better late than never department, Imaging Resource has published their take on the Canon SX20 IS, Canon's 2009 megazoom competing with the likes of the Sony HX1, Panasonic FZ38/FZ35 and friends. For the older reviews on the camera, check the SX20 IS review list.

And we close the review parade with the 1080p Nikon P100 getting tested at NeoCamera, which includes comparison crops between it and the Fuji S100fs, which as you may recall uses a 2/3" SuperCCD sensor. (The new S200fs has switched to the 1/1.6" sensor).

And now to the test-samples parade coming from Imaging Resource. These are their usual test-scenes, so you can compare them to other cameras using their Comparometerometer technology. They have posted test-samples from the Panasonic TZ8/ZS5 and Sony H55, two competing and affordable sub-$300 compact-fun-travel-zooms.

By the time we finish this, there's probably another half a dozen new reviews but we can't keep up with them all anymore :)

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