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April 05, 2010

Nikon D700 body-only temporary supply issues or something coming up?

While looking for bargains to post on the Camera Deals blog, we noticed sudden supply issues with the Nikon D700 body-only: supply has dramatically dried up since our previous check of a couple of days ago (see DSLR Top Sellers). This appears to only affect the body-only - the kit with the 24-120mm lens is business-as-usual (but most people obviously buy the body-only).

The more pronounced body-only supply issues are at Amazon where there is only one seller left offering the camera, Crutchfield for $2700. Typically everyone and their mother are offering it on Amazon. (Amazon's own price had been $2400 two days ago).

Some other retailers are out as well, J&R World is out of stock, OneCall has it as a special-order, and Calumet says "2 to 9 days" (floating estimate, not an actual date). A search did not find the camera at BuyDig/Beach Camera.

On the other hand, both B&H and Adorama show it as in-stock, but because of the Passover Holiday, they are not operating as usual, so we will probably get a better feel on their supply after April 7.

So the question is, are these just cyclical supply issues or is something coming up?

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