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April 13, 2010

New Zeiss CP.2 compact primes with interchangeable mounts (and new LWZ.2 cinema lens announced)

Zeiss has just announced the brand new CP.2 compact prime lenses. As the ".2" indicates, this is a second generation of 35mm full frame lenses, and they have interchangeable lens mounts, so you can use them on cine systems or DSLRs (PL, EF, F). No need for adapters Zeiss says. There is an embedded Flash application on the Zeiss website detailing these. Also be sure to check the right side of the screen there, you will find three PDF files, one of which is a technical brochure (direct link to PDF).

The standard lenses of the set all start at f2.1 T2.1 [corrected!], and as a set, they cover 18 to 100mm, including a 50mm macro. The complete list is: 18mm/3.6, 21mm/2.9, 25mm/2.9, 28mm/2.1, 35mm/2.1, 50mm/2.1, 50mm/2.1 macro, 85mm/2.1, and 100mm/2.1.

We obviously have to see what the prices are before we can assess what type of interest and impact they may have on traditional photography, in addition to the traditional video world and DSLR-videographers. Here is one of them, extracted from the aforementioned PDF file for your LBA-entertainment (the interchangeable lens mounts obviously go on the silver side):


They have also announced a brand new cinema lens for the NAB 2010 trade show, a lightweight zoom named "LWZ.2", which covers the ANSI Super 35, so you can use on cinema or DSLRs. (yes, a Zeiss zoom and the world is still spinning ;-)

Further Reading
+ Zeiss itself (CP.2 lenses) [also look for three PDFs on the right side of the page]
+ FAQ on Compact Primes
+ ALC blog (LWZ.2)
+ Photography Blog (LWZ.2)

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