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April 22, 2010

New Top Selling Cameras (Pentax returns to Top 100)

All apologies for the 50-some day delay between updates, the most time-consuming projects are usually the ones that fall behind when we have to deal with waves and waves of news. But a new episode in the top selling cameras at Amazon soap opera has been posted. If this is the first time you see this, be sure to read the About page first.


Because of the fifty days in-between updates there is more volatility than usual, so be sure to note that when you notice the big jumps/drops and price changes!

Pentax returns to the Top 100
Pentax fans had been worried because in past episodes there was no Pentax in the Top 100. And with good reason. The Optio models ranged from boring to semi-yawn boring, and the flagship waterproof W80 did not have as good of a showing as the W60 which was a regular in the Top 100. It is no coincidence perhaps that the W80 was picked as one of the Worst 5 of 2009 by DCHQ, while the W60 held its own in the dpreview waterproof test. The invisible hand of the market "knows".

So in this Top 100, there are four Pentax cameras. But don't start a party just yet:
+ Pentax WS80 purple/white - on clearance for $88 (this is a waterproof camera, with Toys-R-Us looks)
+ both W90 body colors - compared to four W80 body-colors, and three W60 body-colors (fewer colors, better ranking)
+ and the good news: the K-x with the 18-55mm lens in the Top 100, despite having seven retail kits and staying above $500. I think its fair to declare the K-x a success for Pentax, partially thanks to the other manufacturers, Sony for confusing potential buyers with nine similar models under $1000, Nikon for de-AF-clawing the sub-D90 DSLRs, and Canon for holding back features (hey, at least they put in spot metering!).

Promising 2010 for Coolpix so far
Maybe if Ashton Kutcher convinced his fans to buy a Nikon D3X and the f2.8 lenses, Nikon would solve all its financial challenges ;-) For now, he seems to be "moving" Coolpix models and sub-$1000 DSLRs :)

As you can see, the L110 black superzoom and the S8000 slim-zoom are already in the Top 25.

Superzoom Wars
Canon handily wins this SuperZooms "battle", as the Panasonic FZ38 (FZ35) went up in price, while the TZ-series models are having the changing of the guard, with the 2009 models going up in price and the 2010 models just starting to get discounted. Same thing is happening with the Sony models (HX5v, H55) with the older H20 (an Amazon shopper favorite) slowly disappearing.

Top 25 Vitals
+ # of DSLRs: six
+ # of RAWsumers: two
+ # of superzooms: four
+ # of cameras under $200: 11
+ # of cameras over $1000: one (T2i price is profiteering, not organic price)

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