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April 01, 2010

New feature: We will review every single camera ever made

(If you are reading this at a later date, this is an April Fools Day 2010 joke)

We are happy to announce a major new addition to our website. We have partnered with technology centers in Ireland, India and China, and we plan to provide in-depth technical reviews of every single camera ever made. And by camera we mean both digital cameras, and film cameras. Our plan is to complete reviews of every camera ever made within three years, factoring in new models as well. Priority will be given to newer models.

We have assembled hard-working teams of camera reviewers in each Review Center, and they will begin reviewing new and old digital cameras starting today. We are matching the expertise of reviewers with the digital cameras, so the expert reviewers will be reviewing DSLRs and advanced compacts, while the amateur reviewers will be reviewing the compacts and point and shoots.

Our goal is to provide a blend of technical and experiential feedback, which is why we have hired a diverse group of both technically-oriented reviewers and also seasoned real-world photographers.

We hope you will find this feature a valuable resource in your camera research efforts, and we are anxiously awaiting for the first reviews to roll out!

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