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April 2010 (159 posts)

April 30: Adobe Photoshop CS5 and other CS5 suites now shipping (also available as free 30-day trial)
April 30: Review Train (Ricoh CX3, Sony HX5v, Fuji S200exr, HS10 video review)
April 30: And the winner of the Earth Day Photography contest is...
April 30: First look at the Panasonic G10 by ephotozine
April 30: New Fuji HDP-L1 gadget to view Fuji 3D pictures on your 3D TV
April 29: Samsung NX10 review at Photo Radar
April 29: Canon T2i w/18-55 drops to $850 (was $869 to $875 earlier today)
April 29: 70-minute Canon vs Nikon podcast at GearViewPoint
April 29: Marathon HD-DSLR Cinema e-workshop by Vincent Laforet at Creative Live (free to watch live)
April 29: Fantasy Island hackery puts Digital Elph inside Canon AE-1 Program
April 29: Hogan explains Nikon VR system and offers insights on evaluating lenses
April 28: Small blog formatting change
April 28: Review Train (W90 fun review, HX5v, EX-H15, S2500hd, WX1, SX210, BIGMA OS)
April 28: Samsung NX10 white color limited edition coming up
April 28: Fuji superzoom review party: Fuji HS10, F80-EXR and JZ500
April 28: Samsung NX5 shows up on Samsung camera registration page
April 28: New Pentax Optio M90 is announced
April 28: New CIPA numbers for March 2010 are promising
April 28: Thom Hogan bold prediction: Mirrorless = netbooks
April 27: And now something fun...
April 27: EVF comparison for M43rds, NX and GXR (add-on and built-in) [computer-translated]
April 27: M&A action: Hoya sells magnetic media ops to WD
April 27: M43rds review party: G2, and E-PL1 (9-18mm 4/3rds, not M43rds)
April 27: Picture #16000 in the Readers Flickr Pool
April 27: Have you bought a camera because you fell in love with a lens?
April 27: Alleged Sony NEX5 and NEX3 specs (from China) [rumors]
April 27: Deal alert: Canon D-Rebel XS w/18-55 and 75-300mm for $505
April 27: Canon says "no mirrorless", 1D Mk4 AF ads, Jackie Chan, and Dollars & Sense
April 27: Fuji HS10 gets new firmware updates
April 26: New Nikon 200-400mm f4 ED VR II lens announced
April 26: Samsung NX10 gets Imaging Resource review
April 26: In-stock alert: Samsung 30mm pancake, 50-200mm OIS, and two-lens kits w/$100 discount
April 26: From Japan with ...Love: Leica M9 and Canon T2i/550D action, new TV series shot entirely with 5D Mark II
April 26: The Outsider Reviews: Samsung NX10 and Sigma DP2s
April 26: Superzoom shootout at Q: Sony HX5v vs Casio EX-FH100 vs Canon SX210 IS vs Panasonic TZ10 (ZS7) [also Leica V-Lux 20 review]
April 26: New sample pictures: Panasonic G2 and Casio EX-FH100
April 26: Tiny pictures of first Sony mirrorless camera NEX3 show up
April 26: New free e-issue of PhotographyBB magazine
April 25: New Community Store
April 25: New Top Selling DSLR/iLC update
April 25: Lens review diary updated with latest lens reviews
April 25: (CLOSED) Last day to enter "Earth Day" photography contest (submit by 11pm NYC time)
April 25: ISO comparison crops between Samsung NX10 and EX1 (TL500)
April 24: Sigma 50-500mm f4.5-5.6 OS stock status (BIGMA OS)
April 24: On mounts, lock-outs and lenses (new Hogan commentary)
April 23: Handy page with Panasonic 43M43rds camera/lens compatibility updates
April 23: Review Train: T2i/550D, CX3, HX5v, W90, SX210, HS10, and more
April 23: Pentax K-x success signs: four bright colors coming to America
April 22: Earth Day photography contest under way (win $25 gift certificate)
April 22: Ricoh GXR existential questions by Sean Reid
April 22: New Top Selling Cameras (Pentax returns to Top 100)
April 22: dpreview goes live with Olympus E-P2 quick review
April 22: Who's praising us now?
April 22: Firmware update round-up: Olympus E-Pens tested (also Pentax old K-DSLRs, Leica S2, Panasonic M43)
April 22: Noise test: Panasonic G10 vs Olympus E-PL1
April 21: ISO Wars: Pentax K-x vs Pentax K-7 (and new firmware for older DSLRs)
April 21: Adobe updates Lightroom 2.7, CameraRAW 5.7 (adds 9 new cameras)
April 21: Lensaholic round-up (samples, reviews, and two DIY projects)
April 21: Hogan on the executive changes at Nikon
April 21: Omnivision announces 720p HDR sensor (small size)
April 20: Leica X1 review from a Leicaphile's perspective
April 20: The making of a Canon 500mm f4L IS lens
April 20: Samsung NX10 review at CNet
April 20: Panasonic G2 full-size test-samples (around 100, half RAW) at Imaging Resource
April 20: Leica V-Lux 20 compact zoom is officially announced (aka Panasonic TZ10/ZS7)
April 20: First Panasonic G10 review is out (at Photography Blog)
April 19: Imaging Resource tests out the Olympus E-P2
April 19: Photographer finds himself in the middle of iPhone leak storm
April 19: Nikon gets a new head and they give it a headache
April 19: Leica V-Lux 20 full-size samples (European price = 550 euro)
April 19: R&D Talk: Panasonic adapter to allow phase-detection AF
April 19: New Leica V-Lux 20 officially announced in Japan
April 19: Curiosity factor: Fuji F80EXR review at CNet Asia
April 19: Thom Hogan predicts four new Nikon DSLRs in 2010
April 19: Panasonic reveals prices for new G2 and G10 M43rds cameras
April 18: Micro Four Thirds strikes back - 7 out of 30 are 43M43 (new top sellers update)
April 18: Fuji HS10 pictorial-review (review with pictures only)
April 18: Two more Canon T2i/550D reviews
April 17: Pentax seriously considering joining Micro Four Thirds?
April 16: Nikon D3s completed review at Imaging Resource
April 16: Sony mirrorless camera coming before the World Cup? (based on Sony promo)
April 16: Panasonic AG-AF100 updates and GH1 hackery geekery
April 16: Production level DxOMaRk data for Canon D-Rebel T2i/550D
April 15: (CLOSED) New contest: Earth Day Photography
April 15: Review Train (D5000 vs GF1, CX2 vs CX3 and more confrontations)
April 15: New short review format at dpreview tips off with Sony A850
April 15: Olympus 9-18mm f4-5.6 (M43rds) lens review at dpreview
April 14: Nikon 24mm f1.4 versus Sigma 24mm and 28mm f1.8
April 14: Technical evaluation of Pentax sensor-shift image stabilization
April 14: Trend-spotting: micro-courses?
April 14: 17 cats and three cameras (testing the pet detection mode)
April 14: Fuji HS10 review at Photography Blog (w/12 RAW samples too)
April 14: On Nikon lenses and survey results at Hogan's
April 14: (SOLD OUT) Canon T2i body-only in-stock for $800
April 13: New Apple MacBook Pros available for pre-order (some are shipping)
April 13: Samsung NX10 and 30mm f2 and 18-55mm reviews at Photo Review
April 13: Review Train (Olympus SP800uz, BIGMA OS, K-x, T2i/550D, M9, etc)
April 13: 8mp Sony sensor to power 2011 Apple iPhone? (rumors)
April 13: More Thom Hogan future talk
April 13: New Zeiss CP.2 compact primes with interchangeable mounts (and new LWZ.2 cinema lens announced)
April 13: dpreview does not understand Twitter?
April 13: Fuji denies all rumors
April 12: Monday recap: Adobe CS5, Panasonic AG-AF100, NAB rumors: Canon, Zeiss, Leica, Sony
April 12: Rumor: Leica Summilux C cinema primes for new Panasonic AG-AF100?
April 12: Canon, Zeiss and more to make exciting announcements at NAB 2010 says Laforet
April 12: Sony working on new EX digital video camera with large sensor (not rumor, prototype shown at NAB 2010)
April 11: Adobe Photoshop CS5, Creative Suite CS5, et al going live at 11am NYC time
April 11: Panasonic expands Micro Four Thirds with new AG-AF100 professional video camcorder
April 11: Lens Review Diary updates
April 10: Review Train (Canon T2i/550D, SX210 IS, Lumix TZ8/ZS5, Sony HX5v, Fuji S2550hd)
April 10: In-stock alert: Fuji HS10 superzoom
April 9: Hogan proposes major paradigm shift in "Camera Redefined"
April 9: 80+ Samsung NX10 full-size test-samples for your pixelpeepings
April 9: Pentax K-7 vs Sony Alpha A700 comparison
April 8: APS-C vs Full-frame: a 47-minute podcast by John Greengo
April 8: Chart-a-thon: Aging DSLRs and iLCs that have not been replaced
April 8: PSA: Alpha reviews and news on hold at AlphaMountWorld
April 8: Video overview-review of Canon 5DMk2 and Panasonic GH1 (as video cameras)
April 8: Canon S90 gets the dpreview review by Simon
April 8: More Thom Hogan articles on State of Camera Design
April 8: Vivitar Vivicam 8225 pretends it has optical zoom, but it doesn't
April 7: Leica gearing up to launch new camera
April 7: Review Train (DSLR/iLC edition): Canon T2i/550D, Olympus E-PL1 and E-P2
April 7: Camcorder/video news round-up: Canon, Alexa, JVC, 2000fps sensors
April 7: Panasonic TZ10 (ZS7) review at Digital Camera Review
April 7: Chase Jarvis announcement: new "Creative Live" - free educational classrooms
April 7: Samsung NX10 gets the 30-page dpreview review
April 7: Panic at the DSLR disco: Mirrorless is 10+% in UK (February 2010)
April 7: Japanese review of the Leica M9 at DC Watch
April 6: Tuesday Round-up: New Panasonic sensors, rumors and mysteries
April 6: Chase Jarvis Live on Wednesday - this time it is a mystery announcement
April 6: Thom Hogan Future Talk Radio Episode #2: DSLR-Video
April 6: Q was told no Nikon D700 replacement until 2011
April 6: Panasonic planning two high-sensitivity 1/1.8"-class sensors for late-2010 and 2012
April 6: Panasonic G2 hands-on and six full-size samples
April 6: Canon moving along with new camera launch plans? (rumor)
April 6: Canon D-Rebel T2i/550D review at P-Bay
April 6: Review Train: Sony HX5v, Canon SX210 IS, Pana FP3, Sony W350
April 5: Nikon D700 body-only temporary supply issues or something coming up?
April 5: SquareTrade camera repair data interesting, but does not dig deep enough
April 5: Review Train (DSLR/iLC edition): GXR, E-PL1, D300s, D3s, K-x
April 5: Thom Hogan on the future - episode #1: Backlash
April 5: Review Train: Casio EX-FH100, Nikon P100, Sony TX7 (also HZ35w/WB650 preview)
April 5: Picture #15000 in the Readers Flickr Pool
April 4: Lens review diary updated with new reviews
April 4: Testing memory card speeds with the Samsung NX10
April 4: Video shootout - DSLR vs Mirrorless (5DMk2 vs GH1)
April 4: Pentaxians object to K-x vs T2i/550D treatment in dpreview review
April 4: The Leaderboard (most new cameras in 2010)
April 3: New Sony HX5v review at DC Resource
April 3: New Top Selling DSLRs update (OlyPan discounts, Sigma SD15 sighting)
April 3: If you could remove one camera from the market, which one and why?
April 2: Sharp has new 3.4" 3D/2D switchable LCD display (no glasses!)
April 1: New trio of DxoMark RAW testing: Sony A450, Olympus E-PL1 and E600
April 1: Review and samples roundup: HX5v, H55, SX20 IS. TZ8, and P100
April 1: Canon T2i (550D) review at dpreview (for real)
April 1: Jeff Ascough, YOU LIE! (two-week long hoax about new rangefinder)
April 1: New feature: We will review every single camera ever made
April 1: Introducing Health Insurance for Digital Cameras


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