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March 09, 2010

Superzoom Madness: TZ10, HS10, HX5v, SP800uz, HZ25w

We have lots of superzoom action today! The Panasonic TZ10 (ZS7) action continues at CNet with a Cnet-style-review of the camera there. The ISO crops are on the second page, look for them towards the middle of the page, on the left side.

Speaking of CNet, CNet UK has posted hands-on visual previews of some of the other 2010 superzooms, see their mid-life-crisis Fuji HS10 preview and the Sony HX5v preview.

Next up, we fly to Photography Review where they have a 2-minute video preview of the Fuji HS10.

Don't you forget about us sing the Olympus superzooms in unison. Sure, they may not have the trendy or sexy features of the other superzooms, but let's not forget it was Olympus that made superzooms popular way back then, first with the Uzi and E100 R/S and then with the C7XX-series. With that as a preface, here is a preproduction preview of their latest, the SP800uz at Photography Bay.

And we close with a review of the Samsung HZ25w (WB5000) superzoom at Trusted Reviews. This is a 24X superzoom creature, announced at Fauxtokina 2009. And yes it records RAW and has manual exposure control, perhaps this is what may have pushed Panasonic to add PASM to the TZ10/TZ8 (ZS7/ZS5).

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