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March 25, 2010

Samsung NX5 model name shows up on two European retail sites

K-Rumors points to a couple of European retail websites that list a Samsung NX5 digital camera. The two retailer websites (Sweden and Switzerland) only list the product name. At the same time, and independent of the name-leak, K-R received an email-rumor with alleged specs that seem to indicate the NX5 may be an "NX10-Lite".

This is the second Samsung NX-series retail-name-leak, three weeks ago a UK retailer showed the picture of a Samsung NC110 whose product description said it had a touchscreen. The other specs were NX10-like. Interestingly the NX10/NC110 page has not been "corrected", it still shows a picture of a model with an NC110 name and the specs mention a "touch-screen", even though the product listing is actually for the NX10. As always, time will tell...

Is this a sign that Samsung is planning to flood the market with "variations on a theme" of the base NX10 model? Sony and Samsung are consumer electronics competitors, so perhaps Samsung wants to follow Sony's example and flood the market with NX-models? (Sony has been flooding the market with Alpha DSLR models).

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