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March 07, 2010

Ricoh GXR S10 review at Alpha Mount World (also P10 to be shown at CP+)

The action is picking up momentum it seems, this time we take a trip to Alpha Mount World where they have a review of the Ricoh GXR S10 sensor+lens block, along of course with the GXR body. This is the "GX200-like" camera with the 10mp 1/1.x" sensor and 24-70mm "eq" lens. Conclusions are on page #3. As usual we won't reveal them here. This is part of an on-going review of the GXR system so stay tuned to AMW for more.

The review has been added to the GXR review cluster. This is confusing our review organizer setup, for now we will keep them all in one page until Ricoh releases more sensor+lens blocks :)

P10, the third GXR module to be shown at CP+
In other Ricoh news, Japanese website DC Watch says that Ricoh said that the third sensor-lens block, the P10 28-300mm f3.5-5.6 VC (think CX3) will be shown at the CP+ trade show which starts on March 11.

Here is a quick way to keep track of the two three GXR line-ups:
+ A-series - think APS-C sensor
+ S-series - think Small(er) sensor
+ P-series - think Powerzoom or Piccolo

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