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March 07, 2010

RAWsumer duel: Leica X1 vs Sigma DP2 (and other stories)

Still to this day, the mass market manufacturers are avoiding fixed-lens compact cameras with larger sensors like the plague. So it is up to the specialty players. Neutral Day compares two of these cameras, the Leica X1 with its APS-C sensor, and the Sigma DP2 with its 1.7X Foveon sensor - check it out now!

A number of full-size real-world comparison samples are included, and are available for evaluation purposes at full-size via flickr. And staying at ND, they published X1 samples a couple of days earlier.

Meanwhile, Foto Actualidad points to a series of YouTube videos by "Gear News and Reviews" featuring the X1. You can also see these videos and more on their website.

Forum action
On the forums front, some Leicaphiles have had "enough" with all the criticisms of the X1 starting price of $2000. But they are gracious in respecting everyone else who is not buying a Leica ;-)

But despite all the L-love, some want to cover the red dot for "stealth mode" shooting.

And then one photographer suggests that the Ricoh GXR A12 "bests" the Leica X1 in many categories that matter, yet it gets no love.

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