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March 16, 2010

Partial 2010 P&S camera review round-up (aka: shiny silver review parade)

With over 120 new cameras in 2010, we obviously can't keep track of them all. This post serves as a round-up of reviews of some of those digital cameras.

But first, we start with something fun and outside the box! How about a review of the Lego digital camera? Yes, a camera made of Legos! See how it fares at Digicam Review.

Zoom zoom now! Two reviews have been posted of the 1080p Nikon megazoom, the P100. See them at Info Sync World and ephotozine.

Staying with Nikon, their new 10X compact-zoom, the S8000 gets two looks too, one at Japanese website DC Watch and one at technology site Tech Radar.

Panasonic has one of the most tragically unhip barrage of shiny silver clones announced this year. One of them is the folded-optics FP3, carrying the 14mp "overkill" 1/2.3" sensor. And it just got reviewed at Photography Blog.

Next we go to CNet for a double-header, first with the Sony W350 which is one of eight W-series cameras announced in 2010 using a tragically tangled up naming scheme. Their other review is a new A-series camera, sadly without PASM and without AA. It's like an ugly version of an ugly Elph/Ixus/Ixy. Here is the A3000 IS review at C/Net.

Staying with Canon, Pocket Link has reviewed the Ixus 105, which according to our calculations is the SD1300 IS, the new entry-level Elph model for 2010. Of course in typical Canon fashion, the previous year models hang around for a few months after, and they are the de-facto entry-level models until they ran out of stock.

Time to check the time, and that brings us to a Casio review ;-) Trusted Reviews has published their take on the Casio EX-Z2000, a new wide-angle compact.

And we close like we started, with a fun gadget, this time a "stick", the Sony Bloggie, which I guess name-wise sounds more trendy than their previous attempt, the "Webbie". We look forward to the "Twittie" in 2011, and the "Facebookie" in 2012 ;-) And if the world does not end in 2012, we will welcome the "Chatroulettie" in 2013 :)

We hope you enjoyed this round-up of future e-waste cameras :)

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