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March 15, 2010

Panasonic TZ10 (ZS7) review at C-Labs (w/ Sony HX5v comparison) (and DC Watch!) (updated)

The zoom wars of 2010 are under way! Camera Labs has published their Panasonic TZ10 (ZS7) review, and as part of the review they compare sample crops taken with the TZ10 and the Sony HX5v. Even the GPS readings are compared! And of course their usual noise comparison.

As usual, we won't spoil the findings here! In terms of availability, the TZ10 remains in pre-order status for $400, while the Sony HX5v is not only shipping, but it also got its first discount - you can get it for $317 shipping for $350 at Amazon et al. As you can see, the new "humble(d)" Sony of 2010 has come out aggressively with both SD/SDHC support and competitive prices out the door.

In other superzoom action, Photography Bay published their hands-on preview with the Sony H55, a compact-fun-zoom follow-up to the Sony H20. The H55, like the other 2010 Cybershots, takes both SD/SDHC and MemoryStick.

UPDATE: Another Panasonic TZ10 (ZS7) review is out, this time it is the computer-translated review at DC Watch Impress, which, as usual, includes many full-size samples, including ISO comparisons, brick walls, zoo action, and travel pictures!

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