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March 07, 2010

Panasonic TZ10 and TZ8 reviews at Photo Review and ISW

Despite the addition of manual exposure and GPS, the Panasonic TZ10 (ZS7) may have been buried a little bit in the avalanche of megazooms, backlit CMOS sensors, and 1080p video, but today it reminds us of its existence with a brand new review at Photo Review. The review starts with a spec-comparison-refresher between it and three more compact-zooms, and continues with the review action, including plenty of Imatest findings and review-purpose sample pictures. As usual, we won't reveal their findings aqui.

Next up we have an ultra-short review of the "deputy", the TZ8 (ZS5), this one at technology website Info Sync World. Their samples are a list of links. This may be the first review of this model.

"Deputy" is not an official name - Panasonic has been releasing two TZ-series models at a time, a sheriff model (TZ10, TZ7, TZ5, TZ3) and a more affordable deputy model (TZ8, TZ6, TZ4, TZ2). With the release of the TZ7/TZ6 models, Panasonic went crazy and decided to spin off the North American names to the ZS-series, creating unnecessary global confusion. It's bad enough we have 200+ new cameras every year, do we really need 2-3 names per model? :) Whenever possible, we use the "organic names" - in this case the TZ-series is the organic name.

In terms of availability the cameras are in pre-order status at their usual colors for the usual prices of $400 and $300.

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