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March 11, 2010

New Top Selling DSLRs (and iLCs too) update

Welcome to a new edition of the top selling DSLRs (and iLCs) at This is an on-going snapshot-to-snapshot recurring soap-opera. If this is the first time you run into this thing, be sure to read the introduction first.


Nikon D90 "defeats" the four Canon D-Rebels
With only two kits, versus two sets of Canon Digital Rebel kits, the two Nikon D90 kits has grabbed the #2 and #3 spots, fending off three D-Rebel kits in the top ten. But the D-Rebel T2i kits are mostly in pre-order status. It will be interesting to see how high they jump once they get in-stock!

Olympus E520 gets hot as E620 prices go up
The prices of the Olympus E620 two-lens kit went up, and as you can expect in a marketplace, the complimentary model, the Olympus E520 picked up momentum. The two-lens kit at $489 jumped to #24, while the one-lens kit jumped to #28. Two Four Thirds cameras in the Top 30!

The Pentax K-x Octomom
With many individual kits and prices trending from steady to upwards, the K-x is not as high as it used to be. There are two kits in the Top 30, two more in the Top 40, and one more in the Top 60. The navy kit rounds up the top 100 at #100. Missing from the top 100 is the body-only which doesn't make sense for anyone to buy since it costs more than the one-lens kit. (The 8th one that makes it an Octomom is a two-lens navy kit that showed up for a limited time, not sure if it ever actually shipped).

Top 25 Vitals
+ Canon vs Nikon: 11-9
+ # of non-CaNiKons: 20 5
+ # of 35mmFF: 2
+ # of M43rds: 2
+ # of cameras at/over $1000: 8
+ # of cameras at/under $500: 4
+ # of price upticks vs downticks: 0-4
+ # of unique models in the Top 25: 16

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