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March 31, 2010

New Samsung NX10 review at ephotozine

A brand new short review is out for the Samsung NX-10, this one at ephotozine. With an APS-C sensor as the leading feature, can the NX10 sway away potential Micro Four Thirds buyers, or at least cause them to pause and reconsider?

Meanwhile at the Samsung Imaging blog, one of the photographer-bloggers there has new pictures taken with the camera, while in another post they record the visit of Diane Pernet at the Samsung d'Light store in Korea. She was there for Seoul fashion week. Move over Nikon-Kutcher, here comes Samsung-Pernet! She has a NSFW fashion blog, also hosted at the lovely TypePad, and judging by the outfit, she may be a member of the Bene Gesserit :)

The camera has enough owners now to sustain a "best settings" thread at the d-preview Samsung forum. Speaking of which, Stephen06 shares some pictures from Ireland.

For more reviews, be sure to check the NX10 review cluster. The chimera camera is shipping with the 18-55mm lens for $700 at a handful of retailers as you can see at the NX10 stock status page.

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