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March 07, 2010

New Panasonic G2 and G10 M43rds cameras are now official!

Three days after the confused self-leak, Panasonic has officially announced two new Micro Four Thirds digital cameras, the G2 and the G10.

Of the two, the G2 is the only one that has a touch-screen LCD display, and it gets the Oscar for the first "35mm and below" iLC with a touch-screen. And according to the Littlewoods leak, Samsung may be next with the NC110.

Hands on with the cameras
+ G2 preview at d-preview with R. Butler
+ Body comparison: G1 vs G2 vs G10 at Photography Blog
+ Fotopolis
+ CNet Asia and also G10
+ Photography Blog: G10 and lots of G2 body pictures (24!, not factorial)
+ DigicamReview at Focus-on-Imaging with G2 and G10
+ Hands on and tiny tiny samples at ephotozine
+ BJoP
+ Trusted Reviews

+ Focus Numerique interviews Uematsu Michiharu of Panasonica Japan - computer translation [HOT]
+ the interview starts with asking Panasonic guy what he thinks of the Canon's move towards an 18mp APS-C sensor

+ Focus Numerique reveals a European price of 550 euro for the G10 with the new 14-42mm kit lens
+ Focus Numerique also has G2 prices - 600e bodyonly, 700e w/14-42mm, and 900e for the two lens kit
+ the external microphone was mentioned somewhere for a list price of 150e

Not so fast. lists four kits for the US market, a black G10 with 14-42mm lens, and a black, red or blue G2 with the 14-42mm. None can be ordered and the price is not shown.

New 14-42mm f3.5-5.6 MegaOIS kit lens
The lens bundled with the G2 and G10 is a new kit lens, very similar in specs to the old kit lens. We round that one up in its own lens announcement round-up, which includes a look at three new 2010 lenses at Focus on Imaging by Digicam Review

Further Reading
+ Easy to read spec-sheet comparison at Photo Review
+ Panasonic presentation slide show at Photogrpahy Blog
+ Gizmodo
+ CNet
+ dpreview G10 and G2
+ Photoxels
+ Imaging Resource G10 and G2
+ Le Monde de la Photo
+ DC Recourse
+ Photoscala G2, G10

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