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March 17, 2010

Mirrorless cameras: Are we at an inflection point?

The Olympus mirrorless kerfuffle has generated a new round of discussions on mirrors and cameras. We were even tempted to start a "song and poetry contest" with the theme "Don't take my mirror away" (try singing it in an emo/whining voice, or an opera-style diva-voice, it really works!), but thankfully we came to our senses before going live with it :)

However, there are some serious discussions on this topic, are mirrors going the way of the dinosaur, at least in the serious-consumer-photography segment (where we find most of the iLC units sold)? Recent articles at both Photoxels and CNet Asia (which just returned from covering the CP+ trade show in Japan and talked to many of the manufacturers) predict fewer mirrors in the future and proliferation of mirrorless designs.

This topic is also revisited again at the Olympus dpreview forum (corrected link), after the Olympus Elite Force corrected things.

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