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March 2010 (232 posts)

March 31: Let us know if you are planning Earth Day specials (April 22)
March 31: New 56mp Leaf Aptus II 10R digital back with internal rotating sensor
March 31: New Samsung NX10 review at ephotozine
March 31: Opinion on the potential impact of the Pentax 645D
March 31: Canon T2i/550D review at Photography Blog
March 31: Canon "wins" Australia, Samsung wants 20% by 2012
March 31: Sigma DP2s auto-focuses 2X as fast as DP2 in DC Watch test
March 30: Confessions: Why did you return it?
March 30: Nikon D3s initial review by Thom Hogan
March 30: (SOLD OUT) Black Panasonic LX3 was $342
March 30: Gear are not enough! (updated)
March 30: Nikon D3s vs Canon 1D Mark IV at
March 30: New Sony HX5v and Canon SX210 IS funzoom reviews
March 30: New Canon factory has gone live (G11 first)
March 30: Samsung NX10 reviews at CNet Asia and Amateur Photographer magazine ($)
March 29: Canon ISO wars at DC Watch (1D Mk4 vs Mk3 vs 5DMk2 vs 7D) [full-size]
March 29: Rumors of Fuji F300EXR and APS-C camera (Q3 2010)
March 29: RAW samples with Nikon 24mm f1.4 (and D3s)
March 29: Sony 70-200 f2.8G review at d-p-review
March 29: New Canon SX210 IS and Nikon P100 reviews
March 29: Samsung two half-sensor design with electronic shutter (rumors for now)
March 29: He lied! (NO New rangefinder camera coming up)
March 29: Fuji HS10 full-size samples at Focus Numerique
March 29: Mobile version of the website available (hack edition, not production-level)
March 28: New review-lists added (T2i/550D, E-PL1 and NX10)
March 28: Reader Questions: This camera search is killing me
March 28: Close-ups of the Sigma SD15 body from Japan
March 28: New Olympus E-PL1 reviews and first impressions
March 28: Lots of Fuji HS10 full-size samples in Picasa gallery
March 28: New Top Selling DSLRs (Nikon, E-PL1, K-x updates)
March 28: Canon T2i w/lens now shipping (body-only sold out)
March 28: PhotoZone reviews the Sony Alpha A550
March 28: Concentrated observations on the Sony HX5v
March 27: (ENDED) Last day for Nikon Instant Rebates
March 27: Curiosity factor: Canon SX210 IS at Trusted Reviews
March 26: In-stock alert: Canon 1D Mark IV ($5000)
March 26: Coming up during the weekend...
March 26: Samsung NX10 hands-on and full-size samples at Quesabesde (also HZ25w review)
March 26: Canon T2i/550D review at
March 26: Nikon World Troubles Day: walkout and anti-competitive
March 26: Imaging Resource opines on the Casio EX-G1
March 26: Sony HX5v full-size samples at DC Watch
March 25: Fujifilm absorbing Fujinon (optical device business subsidiary)
March 25: New forums launch for Canon and Nikon discussions
March 25: Samsung NX10 first look by David Pogue (but no proof-readers)
March 25: New (free) e-issue of PhotographyBB magazine
March 25: Samsung NX5 model name shows up on two European retail sites
March 25: The Great Video Camera Shootout of 2010, Episode #1 (Fuji and Panasonic reps in audience) [video]
March 24: New short film with Canon 1D Mark IV (and behind the scenes)
March 24: Curiosity factor: Pentax Optio i-10 review at ND
March 24: Pre-production Panasonic G2 samples (three megapixels)
March 24: Arizona and California road photography with Leica M9 (and other cameras)
March 24: Curiosity factor: Sony TX5 (waterproof, backlit) review at Imaging Resource
March 24: Lots of samples with Sony 30mm f2.8 and 50mm f1.8 SAM DT lenses (and Alpha A550)
March 24: Art Wolfe on digital photography and photo manipulation
March 24: Nikon R&D interested in smells (SmellPix coming?)
March 23: What do you think of camera reviews? (poll)
March 23: Adobe CS5 coming out April 12, 2010
March 23: Huge Canon to Nikon switch: switches to NIKON (and risks losing credibility by deciding to remove all previous Canon reviews!)
March 23: DC Resource completes their Olympus E-PL1 review
March 23: Samsung NX10 review at Focus Numerique
March 23: Curiosity factor: Pentax Retrio i-10 full-size samples
March 23: Canon T2i (550D): New review and full-size samples (with ISO range)
March 23: Samsung NX10 stock status
March 23: AP-UK says Japanese say Canon says mirrorless development under way
March 22: Adobe Lightroom 3 Beta Episode II: The Video Menace
March 22: Sony HX5v review at Camera Labs (and TZ10/ZS7 comparison)
March 22: Samsung NX10 w/18-55mm now shipping for $700
March 22: Testing GXR A12 autofocus with new firmware (and other stories)
March 22: Panasonic interview with DSLRMagazine (updated)
March 22: New 32gb Sandisk microSDHC card is announced
March 22: New Quantum dot sensors from InVisage promise 4x more light for mobile cameras
March 22: Leica M9 gets DXOMark RAW data and review of data
March 21: New Top Selling DSLR Charts: Of Rebels and Micros
March 21: Sunday funnies: Extreme autofocus stress test
March 21: Watch 2.5 hour "Captured by the Light" webcast by David Ziser (for free!)
March 21: Recent Pentax K-7 and K-x reviews round-up
March 20: Canon T2i (550D) gets field-tested in the desert
March 20: First look at the Leica X1 at ephotozine
March 20: Multiple updates from Thom Hogan
March 19: Curiosity Factor: Another Panasonic FT2 (TS2) review
March 19: Pixel-peep the Canon T2i/550D with Imaging Resource test-samples
March 19: Canon Japan says 70-200 f2.8 II shortages but lens is in-stock at many places
March 19: Two new short Canon T2i (550D) reviews and an interview
March 19: Full-size Fuji HS10 sample pictures at Optyczne
March 19: Curiosity factor: Fuji Z700-EXR review at CNet Asia
March 19: Canon launches firmware 2.0.4 for the 5D Mark II to fix 2.0.3 issues
March 18: One more interview with Olympus Japan on 43/M43
March 18: Canon SX210 IS review at DC Watch Impress (and two more!)
March 18: Imaging Resource reviews the Sony HX5v
March 18: Lots of Nikon 16-35mm f4 VR full-size samples
March 18: Canon freezes the 5DMk2 firmware update
March 18: First look at Olympus Tough 8010 (elementproof, w/SDHC)
March 18: And the winner of the Inspired by Music contest is...
March 18: Interview parade: Panasonic on G2, Sony (French), another Pentax on 645D, and Casio
March 18: Two short Leica X1 hands-on in the UK
March 17: New Canon T2i ISO comparison at Focus Numerique
March 17: Inteview with Pentax on the 645D and first impressions
March 17: Paralllel Sony HX5v and Panasonic TZ10 short reviews at Les Numeriques
March 17: New interview with Olympus Japan at Four Thirds User
March 17: On-going Samsung NX10 review starts at Digital Camera Info
March 17: Ricoh GXR + S10 review now live at dpreview
March 17: Mirrorless cameras: Are we at an inflection point?
March 17: Retro Pentax Optio i-10 causes loose cheek involuntarily
March 17: Canon SX210 IS first looks at CNet and Pocket Lint (updated)
March 17: Leica X1 full-size samples and hands-on
March 17: Imaging Resource tests the Pentax K-x
March 16: Panasonic makes change to upcoming 14mm pancake
March 16: Partial 2010 P&S camera review round-up (aka: shiny silver review parade)
March 16: (SOLD OUT) Canon T2i w/lens for $900
March 16: Move over GoDaddy, here comes Canon (updated)
March 16: Meet the new Panoramic Mr Robotos: GigaPan EPIC, EPIC 100 and EPIC Pro
March 16: Olympus Japan flies to London to kill mirrorless Four Thirds talk!
March 16: Pentax France answers questions on the 645D (also more CP+ roundups)
March 15: Panasonic TZ10 (ZS7) review at DC Resource
March 15: Samsung NX10 - the promised round-up arrives a week late ;-)
March 15: Canon 5D Mark II firmware can be downloaded (Bloom tests it with 24p video)
March 15: Canon D-Rebel T2i review at Neutral Day (also: T2i vs D90 at Digitalreview)
March 15: (SOLD OUT) In-stock alert: Both Canon T2i kits in-stock
March 15: Ten rare digital cameras (trip down memory lane at Q)
March 15: Les CP+ 2010 roundups: Pentax 645D, Sony mirrorless (also: wrist band colors invade filters) (updated)
March 15: Panasonic TZ10 (ZS7) review at C-Labs (w/ Sony HX5v comparison) (and DC Watch!) (updated)
March 14: Review round-up: Nikon D3s, Olympus E-P2, and lenses
March 14: Entry-level DSLR feature comparison
March 14: Hands-on with the Pentax 645D at DCW
March 14: Nikon Instant Rebates at B&H Photo
March 13: (CLOSED) Photography Contest ends Sunday 11pm NYC time (win $25 GC)
March 13: New CP+ reports and booth visits: film SLRs, Olympus, Panasonic, Museum
March 13: March Madness with the Nikon D3s
March 12: (CLOSED) Any curious beta testers with mobile internet devices? (eg iPhone, Blackberry, etc)
March 12: Two new looks at the Samsung TL-series with the analog gauges
March 12: Olympus E460 DSLR name appears on software feedback form
March 12: Panasonic TZ10 (ZS7) review at Imaging Resource
March 12: Picture #14000 in the Readers Flickr Pool
March 12: More CP+ action including Olympus interview on M43rds/mirrorless
March 12: DIY: Turn Ninendo DS into a Canon DSLR controller
March 12: Interview with Panasonic on Micro 4/3rds at Imaging Recourse
March 12: Leica S2 ISO and color chart samples at Fotopolis
March 12: Nikon D3s review at Register Hardware
March 11: Pictures from CP+ 2010 trade show via CNet Asia and DC Watch
March 11: In-stock alert: Sony HX5v for $350 (updated)
March 11: Sanyo Eneloop Lite for non-power-hungry devices (rechargeable AA/AAA LSD NiMH)
March 11: In-stock alert: Nikon D3s shipping for $5200 nao
March 11: Nikon 16-35mm f4 VR lens review by Nasim Mansurov
March 11: Samsung NX10 review at Photography Blog
March 11: CNet Asia covers CP+ 2010 in English: Sony, Ricoh, future trends (so far)
March 11: Two new Olympus E-PL1 reviews (ALC, Q)
March 11: New Top Selling DSLRs (and iLCs too) update
March 11: Sony shows mirrorless cameras and two HD DSLRs at CP+
March 11: OMG! The Pentax 645D is alive (was: 645D shown at CP+)
March 10: Ricoh shows GXR things with Leica and Hasseblad lenses (also A12 and P10 mockups)
March 10: Two new Nikon 16-35mm f4 VR lens reviews out today
March 10: Curiosity factor: Noktor 50mm f0.95 review by Philip Bloom
March 10: Co-promoting your Twitter with your Flickr Pool pictures
March 10: (SOLD OUT) Canon T2i body only for $800
March 10: Is Micro Four Thirds the Resurrection Ship for Old Lenses?
March 10: Nikon PocketWizard FlexTT5 prototype out in the wild
March 10: ClarkVision analyzes Canon 1DMk4 noise and dynamic range
March 10: Panasonic TZ10 (ZS7) review at Photography Blog
March 10: (SOLD OUT) Canon T2i was in-stock
March 9: Pixel-peeping samples with the Canon T2i at Fotopolis
March 9: Pentax 645D Medium Format is officially announced for Japan (eight 2mp samples shown!)
March 9: New review and field test for Canon 1D Mark IV
March 9: Superzoom Madness: TZ10, HS10, HX5v, SP800uz, HZ25w
March 9: Pentax K-x gets DXOMark-tested - how did the RAW sensor do?
March 9: Canon T2i (550D) sample pictures and ISO comparison at LensTip
March 9: New Tamron 70-300mm f4-5.6 Di VC USD (35mm full frame) lens (development notice)
March 8: Olympus E-PL1 and Panasonic TZ10 samples at DC Resource
March 8: Olympus Talk Radio 430AM, the KPEN
March 8: The Idea Exchange: What accessories do you want to see made?
March 8: Pocket Lint touches new cameras (DP1x, G2, A450, S8000) at Focus on Imaging
March 8: Two short VR tests of the Nikon 16-35mm f4 VR
March 8: Olympus E-PL1 review at DC Watch
March 8: The Pentax 645D will have 40 megapixels
March 8: What would you do for $5? (no $5 wedding photographers yet?)
March 7: Ricoh GXR S10 review at Alpha Mount World (also P10 to be shown at CP+)
March 7: More signs of life for the Rollei brand (and F&H site)
March 7: Two new Canon D-Rebel T2i (550D) reviews and a 7D-vs-T2i-vs-T1i set
March 7: Canon 70-200mm f2.8L IS II shipping March 19 (in Japan)
March 7: Panasonic TZ10 and TZ8 reviews at Photo Review and ISW
March 7: Canon lens coffee cup mania goes viral (now at Henry's)
March 7: RAWsumer duel: Leica X1 vs Sigma DP2 (and other stories)
March 7: Fuji rep visits Fuji forum, talks HS10 (and out come the wolves)
March 7: New Panasonic G2 and G10 M43rds cameras are now official!
March 7: New Panasonic 14-42mm f3.5-5.6 MegaOIS M43rds lens
March 6: Lens review diary updated
March 6: Canon Instant Rebates - double the amount when purchased together with the 5D Mark II
March 6: (ENDED) Nikon Instant Rebates (March 2010)
March 6: Soft rumor of a Pentax K-5 (in-between K-x and K-7)
March 6: Short Canon T2i (550D, Kiss X4) review at ephotozine
March 6: Samsung NC110 leaked? a new NX-series camera with touch-screen?
March 6: Pentax K-x review at DC Resource (and other stories)
March 5: Big Iron wars: Phase One P65+ vs Hasselblad H3D-50 multi-shot
March 5: Samsung NX10 review at Fotopolis
March 5: Canon T2i unboxing mania on YouTube
March 5: Pocket Lint reviews the Olympus E-PL1
March 5: Mobile flirts with Android geeks, b*tch-slaps Apple
March 5: Panasonic TZ10 (ZS7) review at Quesabesde


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