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March 23, 2010

Huge Canon to Nikon switch: switches to NIKON (and risks losing credibility by deciding to remove all previous Canon reviews!)

oH MY! This is HUGE! has decided to *gasp* switch to Nikon! You read right, and it is not April 1st in any part of the world yet! The long post there explains the switch, and how a chance to use the Nikon D3s for an assignment (when the 1D Mark IV was not available) turned into a love affair with Nikon gear. Sample action pictures with the D3s are included!

This alone would have been big news, but there is also something disturbing: Ole JL has announced that he will be DELETING all his previous Canon reviews because now he is a "Nikon Ambassador" and no longer a "Canon Master".

I hope the author of CanonFieldReviews will reconsider this. If nothing else, he can have his reviews hosted somewhere else. Reviews are part of the knowledge-base (and history) for cameras, I cannot see why they need to be deleted!!! So please don't delete them!!!

For more on the camera responsible for the switch, we could call her the "Helen of Troy" I suppose, be sure to check the D3s reference page.

This will kill the credibility of Individual Camera Reviewers (Canon/NikonFieldReviews for sure)
Needless to say, deleting reviews because someone switches camera camps would be a VERY BAD PRECEDENT. It's bad enough many people are suspicious of reviews and reviewers - if every time a high-profile photographer switches from one brand to another, they DELETE everything they wrote before, that KILLS THE CREDIBILITY of reviews and reviewers.

This could set a dangerous precedent where manufacturers could strategically begin wiping out positive reviews of their competitor’s cameras by recruiting photographers who had previously posted positive reviews.

Or perhaps...
... photographers who are part of an "all-star" program for a particular camera manufacturer should not be publishing reviews? Or they should call it something different, like gearhead technical marketing?

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