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March 07, 2010

Canon lens coffee cup mania goes viral (now at Henry's)

UPDATE (Wedn March 10 at 8:42pm EST): JustinVL on Twitter notices that the Canon Thermos Mug is now offered for $30 CAD at Henry's.

Let's start from the beginning
It started with an innocent post at PDN Pulse, a Microsoftie returning from the Winter Olympics in Vancouver picked up a coffee mug in the shape of the 70-200mm f2.8 f4 L lens and wanted to let PDN know about it. Yes, an actual coffee cup/thermos. A limited edition promo for the Winter Olympics.

This generated a lot of excitement at PDN Pulse and then started making the rounds across the internets, from photography forums to gadget blogs. Then came another picture at PDN Pulse, and someone launched a Facebook group.

Then it turned out that the 70-200mm Lens was not the only coffee-mug'ed lens! DSLR News Shooter had a 24-105mm f4L IS coffee mug, and they have started an on-going contest that ends on March 31st. To enter the contest, all you have to do is register and leave a comment on their website.

And then DSLR News Shooter went back to the supplier, and apparently they had more and they are now available on eBay!

But wait, there's more! Foto Actualidad has a picture of yet another Canon coffee-lens-mug, the 50mm f1.2 filled with a coffee drink - it is the last picture in the blog post.

If you have already heard of the Canon Lens Coffee Cup mania, and you are dying to get pay for one, it _was_ offered on However, as of a price-check at 10:48pm EST on Monday March 8, the listing has ended with 220 units sold. We will keep an eye out for new listings. can buy a lens-coffee-cup for $25 plus shipping from Hong Kong (US $15, UK $20). This coffee cup is a replica of the Canon 24-105mm f4 L IS lens.

UPDATE (Tue March 9 at 3:14pm EST): Thanks to Jeffery in the comments of the Camera Deals blog - the coffee-lens-thermos-mug is now offered for free at the Canon Canada estore with purchases of $200 CAD or more. The promotion just started and it ends on March 23 - while supplies last. And here is a short "demo" of the coffee-cup on YouTube.

UPDATE (Wedn March 10 at 1:42pm EST): The coffee-lens-thermos is available for purchase at Canadian retailer for $30 CAD. (via drew23 on Twitter).

UPDATE (Wedn March 10 at 5:29pm EST): The online store mentioned above is no longer accepting pre-orders for this thermos-lens. Their product page says:

"This item is no longer available.
This page is here for your reference. "

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