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February 20, 2010

The Samsung "LX3-killer" is official - meet the new Samsung EX1 aka TL500

The "RedCrow" rumored "LX3 killer" is now official from Samsung! The new EX1 (good name), also known as TL500 (bad name), is offering a 10mp 1/1.7" backlit CMOS sensor, RAW support, a 24-72mm lens that starts at f1.8, 3-inch SWIVELING amoled display, PASM. Other features include:

+ front-wheel control (similar to Canon S90)
+ Schneider-Kreuznach lens blessings
+ hot-shoe
+ pop-up flash
+ starting price of $450 with Spring availability

The video mode (30fps VGA, not HD) may perhaps give away the origin of its sensor - as you may recall the Canon S90 also has similar video/sensor specs.

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Initial Reactions
+ Samsung forum

Clarification On the "LX3 killer" phrase
Just to make it clear in case the quotes do not, this is the name used to describe the camera during the rumor-stages. We obviously have to wait for actual reviews and pictures before any judgement can be made as to how it performs compared to the LX3, S90, G11, F200-EXR, GRD III et al.

Memo to all the camera manufacturers
The world of photography is a global. Please STOP using different names in different markets. You are driving people crazy around the world when they try to discuss the cameras and find reviews, samples and tests. STOP listening to the IDIOTIC marketing and PR types and LISTEN to the ENGINEERS!

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