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February 10, 2010

The photography story behind the wallpaper of the Apple iPad

For those of you who don't follow all things iPad, there is a photography-interest story making the rounds in the blogosphere, talking about the photographer whose picture was shown as the default wallpaper of the brand new Apple iPad. TechDirt picks up the story, pointing out that the photographer and Apple have yet to sign an actual contract, and the photographer is okay with this, on good faith that Apple will treat him fairly. The story of the photographer, Richard Misrach, and his Apple photo-romance can be found at ArtInfo.

TechDirt strangely goes on to blame photographers with lines like this: "there is a group of very, very adamant photographers who absolutely freak out about any use of their works without compensation". On the surface this looks like anti-photographer polemic. But apparently TechDirt is upset because iStockPhoto sent a DMCA takedown notice to which has now replaced the awful-stock-photos with empty boxes in compliance of the DMCA notice. (As the name suggests, ASP "showcased" on a daily basis off-beat/actually-awful stock photos).

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