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February 27, 2010

Summary of today's blog changes

Phase #2 of the rearranging of the blog deck chairs is complete. The main changes of today:

+ Ads are slowly coming back thanks to the "affiliate tax scare of 2010" as mentioned earlier in the week

+ The Search Box has moved to a more conventional spot - top right corner of every page

+ You can find most of the items from the "Camera Central" box in a new light-blue line at the top of the page. If you miss the "Camera Central" box, fear not, you can find it intact (except for the search-box) at the very bottom of the left sidebar (CTRL-END to get there quickly)

+ The "Latest Posts" are now at the top spot of the left sidebar, followed by all the camera-manufacturer hot-camera boxes that were added yesterday

+ The "Category Cloud" (bottom left sidebar) will eventually be moved to its own page instead of taking up all that space (eventually, not yet)

+ as usual, everything is subject to change :)

+ please let us know what you think in comments or via contact form

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