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March 02, 2010

PMA 2010: catching up with the post-show reports

The PMA show is over but the reports keep on coming as people return to their home base and post-process their trade-show footage. With Canon absent and Nikon not announcing anything big, the interest-share at the trade show was spread more evenly.

If you missed some of last week's action, the official PMA Cameras blog has a detailed round up of coverage. Or you can check our PMA mini-blog.

The Imaging Insider manages to find an actual Foveon employee, of the marketing variety, and he video-talks about the new Sigma cameras and lenses, including the 70-200mm f2.8 OS and BIGMA OS.

Photography Blog has a mega wrap-up covering the various booths. Digital Camera Review wraps up their coverage with visits at Sigma and Lowepro and more! And so does Engadget with their pictorial wrap-up.

Next up, Photography Bay has a ten-minute video at the Samsung booth, playing with a number of their new cameras, including the interesting-inducing EX-1 (TL500) and TL350 (WB2000) and of course the NX system. Oh Samsung (and other manufacturers), can you please pick one name per camera and stick to it? :) It's bad enough we have over 200 shiny silver clones every year, do we have to have 2-3 different names for each one? :)

Staying with Samsung, the Imaging Insider captures a Samsung representative showing their two new compact cameras (EX1/TL500, TL350/WB2000), and happily rotating the LCD display of the EX1 (TL500)

More inducing, this time at Photo Induced where they take a look at the Nikon booth at PMA and play with some of the Coolpixies :)

Next up, the "Fuji Guys", of Fuji Canada have published episodes #2 and #3 of their HS10 hands-on feature. Here are the three YouTubes, total runtime is about 14 minutes. You may enjoy some of the special effects in episodes #2 and #3 :) Here they are: unboxing, first look, and top features.

Staying with superzooms, dpnow visits the GE booth with video #2 showing GE's camera shaker. Not quite as dramatic as the one devised in the dpreview forums (forgot the link), but it does shake things up.

Time for some lens talk radio, and Camera Do Jo has a video interview at the Tamron booth.

Next an accessory with a magnetic personality, a must-have if you are visiting the island of "LOST" - a Joby gorillapod with magnetic powers - see a 60-second preview at Imaging Insider.

And now the moment you have all been waiting for, the Ken Rockwell PMA report!

And we close with something for film fans! Photography Bay has a hands on with the Fuji GF670, a medium format camera with a folding/accordion lens. And how about an 8x10 view camera? The Imaging Insider recorded the wall-print.

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