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February 25, 2010

Olympus E-PL1 crashes Top 20, Sony makes Top 25 appearance

We have a new update of the top selling dSLRs at This is a recurring feature, but if it is your first visit, be sure to check the introduction first.


Olympus E-PL1 makes double Top 20 debut
Two of the three Olympus E-PL1 standard kit are in-stock and that rushed the two kits (blue, gold) into the Top 20. This is a good showing for the shipping E-PL1, compared to the pre-order E-PL1. The camera is shipping from multiple retailers right now, and it is the lowest priced mirrorless/EVIL kit at the moment.

Sony makes Top 25 appearance
It's been a while but finally Sony has a DSLR in the Top 25, at the very last spot, at #25. It is their entry-level Alpha A230L, going for around $383 - and the price includes the kit lens. Sony has many DSLR kits, and there isn't a lot of strong differentiation between them, which makes it more difficult for any kit to pick up momentum. Plus they don't have a "hot' camera.

Pentax K-7 jumps thanks to deal of the day
On the strength of the now-expired Monday 24-hour gold box special ($900 body only, $1000 w/18-55mm WR) both Pentax K-7 kits has jumped into the Top 20. K-7 fans don't get too excited, this looks like it is on the strength of the discount, not a result of a sudden photo-epiphany :)

Top 25 Vitals
+ Canon vs Nikon: 11-7
+ # of non-CaNiKons: 7
+ # of 35mm FF: ONE
+ # of non-DSLRs: three
+ # of cameras at/over $1000: 7
+ # of cameras at/under $500: 5
+ # of price upticks vs downticks: 1-5
+ # of unique models: 16

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