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February 12, 2010

Nikon D90 price check

The Nikon D90 [camera diary] was officially announced in August 2008, which may feel like an eternity now, but that's not that long ago in real-world time :) You can further investigate the camera by checking its list of reviews.

Last update: Sun May 29, 2011 at 10:05pm EST - Prices starting to return to reality ($800) for the body only. Notable with its absence is Amazon itself remaining at $900... The w/18-105 kit has dropped to $1100 at many retailers. Still these prices are higher than the pre-Tsunami lowest prices which is pretty much the case with most advanced DSLRs...

Nikon D90 price check
Body Onlyw/18-105 DX VR

Sears ($760, store pickup only)
OneCall ($800)
Amazon ($800 via 3rd parties)
Adorama ($800)
J&R World ($800)
B&H Photo ($800) ($850, coming soon)
Cameta ($900)
Calumet Photo (search for nz0090)
Abt Electronics (discontinued)
NewEgg (deactivated)
Amazon ($1100 via 3rd parties)
J&R World ($1100)
Adorama ($1100)
Cameta Camera ($1100)
OneCall ($1100)
B&H Photo ($1100) ($1100)
Best Buy ($1100) ($1130, coming soon)
Sears ($1300 store pickup)
Calumet Photo (search for nz0091)
Target (out of stock)
NewEgg (deactivated)
Abt Electronics (discontinued)

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