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February 17, 2010

New Top Selling DSLRs: Panasonic GF1 shows the power of in-stock

Time for a new update of the top selling DSLRs and iLCs at Amazon. This is a recurring feature, but if you are reading this for the first time, be sure to read the FAQ first.


Panasonic GF1 shows the power of in-stock
The Panasonic GF1 with the 20mm pancake has been able to remain in-stock at $900 for a couple of days, and that was enough to push it all the way up to the #6 slot. If they are able to keep a steady supply, it will be interesting to see whether it could challenge the CaNiKoNs for the top spots, or fade out as pent-up demand gets satisfied. Fueling this is the shortage of the 20mm pancake on its own, since this is a lens that got a number of reviewers loudly singing its praises.

Pre-order impact: Canon T2i vs Olympus E-PL1
Strictly on the strength of pre-orders, the two Canon T2i kits (550D, Kiss X4) remain in the top ten, with the kit-lens-kit taking the lead at #4 as you can see in the screenshot teaser above.

On the other hand, the Olympus E-PL1 pre-orders remain rather tame. The lead kit (black finish) has moved inside the top 40, but the other two colors are now out of the Top 100.

Pentax K-x price-increases spoil the party
The Pentax K-x prices at both Amazon and B&H Photo have gone up, which means the momentum they have building will likely be broken. Not that the current prices are bad, but $480 is always better than $530, and $570 is better than $600, and $650 is better than $700+ :)

Top 25 Vitals
+ Canon vs Nikon: 12-9
+ # of 35mmFF: three
+ # of non-DSLRs: one
+ # of non-CaNiKoNs: four
+ # of cameras at/over $1000: eight
+ # of cameras at/under $500: three
+ # of price upticks vs downticks: 3-1
+ # of unique models in the Top 25: 14

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