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February 20, 2010

New Samsung TL350 (WB2000) offers RAW, 1080p, analog gauges, 24-120mm

If you found the analog gauges on top of the 2009 Samsung TL320 (WB100) retro-cool and hypnotic, then you may go gaga over the new TL350 (WB2000) which continues this new tradition! Apart from that, the camera has some other interesting features:

+ 24-120mm eq (5X) lens, blessed by Schneider-Kreuznach
+ optical image stabilization
+ manual exposure control (PASM) (or easier to remember, P-SAM)
+ 10mp CMOS sensor (size is not mentioned)
+ 30fps full-HD (1080p aka 1920x1080) video
+ 10fps burst mode at full resolution
+ 3-inch AMOLED display (614K dots)
+ $350 starting price (Spring 2010)

The sensor size is not mentioned in the specs, but judging by some of the specs (eg 10fps at full-resolution), it sounds very similar to the 10mp 1/2.x" backlit CMOS sensor we have seen in Casio, Sony, and some of the new 2010 models.

We have to give credit to Samsung for paying attention to the photographer-priority features with this camera, while at the same time trying to lure in the Bestbuy/Engadget buyers with the 1080p, AMOLED, and horsepower (10fps). At least on paper - as always, we have to wait for the reviews, the samples, and the real-world hands-on reports.

Back when Samsung was adamantly banging the drums that they would be #1 in global market, we pointed out that you can't do that without having some solid compact and advanced digital cameras. At the time Samsung was banging the drums, they did not have such cameras. Some of the cameras in their 2010 line-up look like a definite step in the right direction (pending reviews + tests of course)...

The 2009 model, the TL320, has dropped down to $199 at Amazon.

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