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February 02, 2010

New Nikon S8000 and S6000 are new slim 10X and 7X zooms with 720p

Nikon has realigned their P&S model numbers, and that is a good thing, because it was getting rather twisted. These two new cameras expand on the slim-zooms, with the leading S8000 jumping on the 10X blade-zoom bandwagon, and with the S6000 having a 7X lens like the 2009 model S630.

Sadly however, both are using the new 14mp 1/2.3" sensor, which is clearly overkill! But Nikon is not alone, everybody and their mother-company are doing it as well :(

The S8000 uses a 10X lens (30-300mm eq), while the S6000 has the 7X lens (28-196mm), both with lens-shift image stabilization of course. The S8000 has a 3-inch (921K) display, which may be of interest to some, while the S6000 has a more standard 2.7-inch (230K). Both record 30fps 720p video.

Sadly battery life for these is not particularly hot, 210 CIPA for each one.

The S8000 is available for pre-order for $300, in your choice of body-colors. The S6000 is also available for pre-order for $250, also in your choice of body-colors.

For more, be sure to check the Nikon website et al.

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