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February 02, 2010

New Nikon S4000 and S3000 are the new LiIon-based entry-levels

The Nikon press release for the new Nikon S4000 and S3000 P&S models includes some good-news/bad-news for Nikon fans. The good news is that apparently Nikon has set "record sales" with the S220 and S230. The bad news is that these are low-priced entry-level LiIon-based P&S models. But considering the past struggles of the Coolpix line-up (pre-Ashton-Kutcher), this should be a net-positive for Nikon.

Both the S230 and S220 were announced exactly one year ago. Both cameras "upgrade" to the 12mp sensor and they go wider with the new 27-108mm equivalent 4X non-stabilized lens. The LCD displays remain the same, a 3-inch (460K) touchscreen for the S4000, and a standard 2.5-inch for the S3000. The S4000 records 720p video.

Battery life however continues to be relatively miserable at 190 and 220 respectively. The S4000, even though a higher model, has a lower battery life because of the larger display which is also a touch-screen.

They also include the usual assortment of face-priority, Barbra-Walters, blink 182, red eye, and things like that.

The starting prices are $200 for the S4000 and $150 for the S3000, both expected to be released in March in your choice of multiple deliciously fashionable colours :)

Both are available for pre-order at Amazon - the Coolpix S4000 and Coolpix S3000.

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