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February 08, 2010

New Canon SD1400 IS and SD1300 IS go wide (start at 28mm, 4x)

As you may recall, Canon, for whatever reason, decided not to offer a direct replacement for the popular-among-DSLR-users SD880 IS. Perhaps because they wanted to direct the attention of photographers towards the Canon S90 IS. But now fans of pocketable Canon wide-angle are getting two new models that start at 28mm equivalent, the SD1400 IS and SD1300 IS.

The previous model is the 10mp SD1200 IS, which was announced in February 2009 with a 3X IS non-wide zoom lens, following up on the 8mp SD 1100 IS. So we have a jump of +4 and +2 megapixels in just one model year. So much for megapixel-restraint :)

One thing that has semi-emerged in 2010 (so far) is that both Canon and Nikon are showing camera-line-up restraint with a relatively modest number of new point and shoot models, unlike Fuji, Panasonic, Olympus and Sony that have been "flooding" the market (see cameras of 2010). The "flooding" can actually backfire since it will be harder for a particular model to gain recognition, and it will drive consumers crazy. Theoretically "flooding" can be beneficial if only one manufacturer is doing it, but when half of them do the same thing, it dramatically increases the chances of it backfiring (in our opinion)

Canon SD1400 IS (Ixus 130)
This lovely has a 4X lens that starts at 28mm wide (equivalent) with Image Stabilization (IS) of the optical (lens) variety. You can thank Panasonic for "forcing" everyone to offer IS in their small compact P&S cameras.

The model name accidentally matches with the megapixelation - the camera uses the 2010 sensor-du-jour, the 14mp 1/2.3". This is not to be confused with the counter-culture sensor-du-jour of 2010, the 10mp 1/2.3" backlit CMOS ;-)

It has 720p video, a 2.7-inch LCD display, and all the consumer-friendly features you'd expect like smile and wink shutters, the miniaturiation meme and things of that nature.

Canon SD1300 IS (Ixus 105)
The SD1300 IS has a 12mp 1/2.3" sensor instead, has fewer modes, and takes the NB-6L LiIon battery instead of the NB-4L.

To justify the $50 price-delta, Canon only offers 30fps VGA video on this model, so if you are a fan of 720p, they are directing you to the SD1400 IS.

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Amazon is accepting pre-orders for the SD1400 IS for $250, and for the SD1300 IS for $200. They are available in a variety of deliciously fashionable colors. Since Canon did not give them any fancy names, we decided to give them our own fancy names: fruit-basket orange, neon-pink, and desert-green - among others ;-)

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