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February 01, 2010

New 40mp Hasselblad H4D-40 is revealed (joins H4D-50 and H4D-60) (updated)

2009 was a very busy year in medium format, and it looks like 2010 has gotten the first major shot fired - by Hasselblad with the new H4D-40, a 40-megapixel medium format digital camera. The opening price of this body-only H4D-40 will be 14000 euro in Europe says FN (see "Further Reading" below), and close to 17000 euro for a take-pictures-with kit.

The H4D-series was ...launched at the Kennedy Space Center in September 2009, with the more advanced H4D-60 and H4D-50 models at 60mp and 50mp respectively. (That was before they fired their then-CEO who was a little bit of a loose-canon when making comments to the media).

To get a price-perspective on the current H4D-series models, Calumet Photo has the H4D-50 body-only for $29000 and the H4D-60 for $40000. Add $2000 to each for kits that include the 80mm lens.

In contrast, the Leica S-system starts at $23000 body-only, which puts is somewhere in the middle of the medium format price-range. Late in 2009 we saw sub-$10000 take-pictures-with digital medium format kits, one of which actually challenges the Nikon D3x in terms of price.

UPDATE: Dpreview has the announcement which reveals a US price of $20000 for the body-only. Considering their other two kits are +$2000 when bundled with the lens, it comes out just $1000 under the Leica S2. Coincidence or not? We blog, you decide! [NEW]

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