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February 2010 (250 posts)

February 28: CIPA production and shipment numbers for January 2010
February 28: ISO duel: Nikon D90 vs Canon T2i (550D, Kiss X Mark IV)
February 28: 1DMk4 at the Olympics
February 28: What do you want from Olympus? (updated again)
February 28: New contest: Pictures inspired by songs/music
February 28: Leica S2 review by Steve Huff (updated)
February 27: Summary of today's blog changes
February 27: Chile Earthquake and relief efforts
February 27: Noktor 50mm f0.95 Fed-Ex'ed to Steve Huff (arrives Tuesday)
February 26: New blog feature: camera lists moved to the left side
February 26: Nikon D3s review at ...Gizmodo
February 26: (SOLD OUT) In-stock alert: Leica X1 at $1995 (limited supply)
February 26: Patent watch: Olympus thinking of half-OM to M43 adapter? (0.5x)
February 26: Sigma prices for SD15 and DP2s revealed in Europe
February 26: New PhotographyBB online magazine issue is e-published!
February 26: Nikon's pyrrhic victory: Coolpix S220 tops Europe
February 26: Curiosity factor: First Panasonic ZX3 (ZR3) reviews
February 25: Panasonic TZ10 (ZS7) gets first review at Trusted Reviews
February 25: Imaging Resource interviews Sony, Nikon and Olympus
February 25: Olympus E-PL1 crashes Top 20, Sony makes Top 25 appearance
February 25: First impressions with Hasselblad H4D-40 at PMA
February 25: In-stock alert: Canon 1D Mark IV for $5000
February 25: Samsung NX10 videos of Paris
February 25: DXOmark RAW sensor test results for Olympus E620 and E450
February 25: Patent watch: Sony half-mirror (pellix) design
February 25: Nikon 70-200mm f2.8 VR II review at dpreview
February 25: Canon D-Rebel T2i (550D) pre-production video previews (three total)
February 25: Fuji HS10 first impressions at Photography Bay
February 25: Canon T2i stock status
February 24: Olympus marries M43rds and 4/3rds with E-PL1 two-lens kit
February 24: Olympus E-PL1 stock status
February 24: DSLRs waiting for replacement
February 24: Prototypes of Panasonic 2010 lenses shown at PMA 2010
February 24: Panasonic TZ10 (ZS7) test-samples at Imaging Resource
February 24: New Pentax X90 superzoom (26X, 720p)
February 24: New Pentax W90 tries sexy outdoorsy color scheme and 720p video
February 24: New Arca-Swiss RL3D viewfinder camera (up to 4x5)
February 24: Cosina 90mm f3.5 SL II APO-Lanthar Close Focus samples with Nikon D700
February 24: Traditional ads are coming back - thanks to the affiliate-tax :(
February 23: PMA Tuesday - the last 24 hours
February 23: PMA mega-coverage by the usual (and unusual) suspects
February 23: Fuji HS10 first impressions + video preview
February 23: Two hands-on first impressions for the Nikon P100 (1080p, backlit CMOS)
February 23: Samsung talks to dpreview about the NX-series (also Novoflex adapters)
February 23: Nikon talks to dpreview about future cameras
February 23: Olympus tells dpreview Four Thirds is alive
February 23: Touching cameras on the PMA trade show floor
February 23: Watch Sony PMA press conference (21 minutes long)
February 23: Coming soon: Noktor ultra fast lenses starting with 50mm f0.95
February 23: Samsung K-mount adapter for NX-series cameras shown at PMA 2010
February 23: Panasonic 20mm f1.7mm ships for $400 (in-stock alert!)
February 23: Canon D-Rebel T1i (500D) gets firmware 1.1.0
February 23: Three new Sanyo P&S models (X1420, X1220, S122)
February 22: PMA Monday roundup: The last 24 hours
February 22: Fuji GF670 medium format folding camera priced at $2000
February 22: Imaging Resource interviews Pentax and Sigma (updated)
February 22: New Gear and Accessories at PMA 2010 we haven't mentioned yet
February 22: First Canon D-Rebel T2i (550D, Kiss X4) review is out!
February 22: Ricoh plans two new GXR blocks in 2010: 28mm f2.5 APS-C and 28-300mm VC 1/2.3"
February 22: CompactFlash 5.0 specification promises ceiling of 144 petabytes
February 22: Tokina working on 16-28mm f2.8 (35mmFF) says dpreview
February 22: Sigma plans mirrorless interchangeable camera, evaluating EVIL lenses for other mounts
February 22: Nikon 16-35mm f4 VR ships right now for $1260
February 22: Four Thirds gets some PMA action: Nissin Di466 flash
February 22: New 64GB Sandisk Ultra Class 4 SDXC (15MB/sec) wants $350
February 22: Leica S2: Ten minutes with you (video hands-on preview)
February 22: dpreview drops Canon 1D Mark IV review in the middle of PMA 2010
February 22: Summarizing the new gear during the PMA 2010 weekend
February 22: New Limited silver K-7 announced (K-7 was $900 as 1-day deal)
February 22: Olympus E-system may be mirrorless within two years
February 22: New Sigma DP2s follows up on the DP2 with some upgrades
February 22: New Sigma DP1x is third attempt at the DP1
February 22: The Sigma SD15 is really coming says Sigma
February 21: BIGMA gets stabilized - new Sigma 50-500mm f4.5-6.3 DG OS HSM (CMNPS)
February 21: New Sigma 70-200mm f2.8 (EX DG HSM OS) now with stabilization (CMNPS)
February 21: New Sigma 85mm f1.4 EX DG HSM (CMNPS)
February 21: New Sigma 17-50mm f2.8 DC OS HSM EX adds stabilization (CMNPS)
February 21: New Sigma 8-16mm f4.5-5.6 DC HSM (CMNPS)
February 21: dpreview interviews Sony: 3D cameras, Zeiss mirrorless involvement?
February 21: GE reveals eleven new cameras (including superzoom, waterproof, HSN)
February 21: Samsung EX1 (TL500) and TL350 (WB2000) at various websites
February 21: Sony concept models of A700-replacement, EVIL and prototypes of 24/2 & 500/4 lenses (now with trade-show pictures!)
February 21: Samsung EX1 (TL500) hands-on video preview (68 seconds)
February 21: New Casio EX-S7 is a $130 P&S camera
February 20: Sigma mega-blast: New DP2s, DP1x, SD15, FLD, new lenses
February 20: Recapping today's Samsung big announcements
February 20: The Samsung "LX3-killer" is official - meet the new Samsung EX1 aka TL500
February 20: Five new Samsung NX-series lenses coming in 2010 (two primes, one superzoom)
February 20: New Samsung TL350 (WB2000) offers RAW, 1080p, analog gauges, 24-120mm
February 20: Samsung joins the waterproof party with the AQ100 (aka WP10)
February 20: New Samsung SL605 is value-packed at $130 (5X, 27mm, some durability)
February 19: New Review Lists created (in progress)
February 19: (SOLD OUT) Nikon D3s shipping for $5200
February 19: Canon PR-pimps 1D Mark IV autofocus (also vs D3s in prints)
February 19: HP returns to the digital camera market with five sub-$150 P&S models
February 19: Sigma DP1s review at Photography Blog
February 18: Pentax pulls out of PMA 2010 (computer-translated) [updated!!!]
February 18: Rumors: Canon 1Ds Mark IV next week?
February 18: Fun with web statistics: Browser Wars on the Noisy blogs
February 18: Sample pictures from Sony HX5v and new Elphs at DCR
February 18: The best camera is the one you DON'T have
February 18: Panasonic strategy tidbit: availability of lenses
February 18: Some details on the Fuji 3D system printer
February 17: Sony joins the waterproof/elementproof party with the new Cybershot TX5
February 17: New Sony H55 compact-fun-zoom with a 10X G lens wants to be a market-share-grabber
February 17: Samsung NX10 preview and full-size samples from Japan
February 17: New Top Selling DSLRs: Panasonic GF1 shows the power of in-stock
February 17: Samsung NX10 noise tests (vs E-P2, D90, K-7, X1, DP2)
February 17: Nikon D3s vs Canon 1D Mark IV, DXOMark edition
February 17: Picture #13000 in the flickr pool (thanks to everyone for sharing!)
February 17: Canon T2i (550D) body, menus and shutter sounds
February 17: Nightly summary: Recapping the last 24 hours
February 17: New Cosina 90mm f3.5 SL II APO-Lanthar manual lens (Canon, Nikon, Pentax)
February 16: Sigma 17-70mm f2.8-4 DC OS lens for Pentax and Sony is coming
February 16: Nikon D300s gets its Imaging Resource review (corrected link)
February 16: Everybody is reviewing the Olympus E-P2 this week
February 16: Reader questions: Vacation camera ideas?
February 16: Reactions to Galbraith's Canon 1D Mark IV AF performance
February 16: Ask the manufacturers at PMA
February 16: Full-size sample pictures with Canon SD3500 IS (14mp 1/2.3")
February 16: Some action on the Sigma front at PMA?
February 16: Nikon D3s gets the review!
February 15: In-stock alert: Panasonic GF1 + 20mm pancake ($900)
February 15: Pentax 645D: 1.7X of 35mmFF is the magic number (sensor-size or megapixels?)
February 15: Second opinion: Ricoh CX3 review at Photo Review
February 15: New rumor tidbit on Samsung's "LX3 killer" (was: RedCrow strikes again)
February 15: Nikon D3s ISO 100 to 100K studio test-scene at Photography Review
February 15: Eight new Pentax K-x colors invade Europe (low prices hold, some kits go on back-order)
February 15: DXoMarK measures the Panasonic GF1 and Olympus E-P2 sensors
February 15: Samsung 30mm f2 pancake tested on NX10 at LensTip
February 15: Rumor: Full-frame Canon DSLR that shoots RAW HD video?
February 14: Lens consistency testing: Nikon 50mm f1.4G AF-S
February 14: David Ziser's "Captured by the Light" book now shipping!
February 14: Curiosity factor: Nikon 300mm f2.8 VR (full size) samples
February 14: First review of the Nikon P100 superzoom (1080p, backlit CMOS)
February 13: Pentax K-7 and K-x round-up: reviews, videos, Rice High
February 13: Leica M9 roundup: Presidential favorite and Huff action
February 13: Hands-on reports with the Hasselblad H4D-40 (40mp, $20K)
February 13: Leica S2 tested and Imatested at Photoscala
February 13: Pre-production Canon T2i (550D, Kiss X4) gets DXOMark'ed
February 13: Olympus E-P2 action at Luminous, FN, Huff, DCR
February 12: Nikon D90 price check
February 12: Contests and giveaways roundup
February 12: Pentax K-x price drops again: now $470 with one-lens, $574/$650 with two-lenses
February 12: Have you talked to your manufacturers about megapixel-drugs?
February 12: New 40mp Leaf Aptus II-8 digital back starts MF burst mode wars
February 12: Curiosity factor: Ricoh CX3 review at Photography Blog
February 12: B&H Photo now taking Leica S2 pre-orders
February 12: Social media time: flickr pool, Twitter lists and fanboys, and flickr pool+Twitter
February 11: Samsung 30mm f2 pancake takes on Pentax 31mm f1.8L and 35mm f2
February 11: New Panasonic GF1 Pink Fairy and Silver body colors (updated))
February 11: Full-size Samsung NX10 pictures on their own imaging blog
February 11: Pre-order alert: Nikon 16-35mm f4 VR ($1260)
February 11: Tamron 60mm f2 Di-II macro gets PhotoZone'd
February 11: Galbraith evaluates Canon 1D Mark IV autofocus (and compares to D3s)
February 11: Trend-spotting: DigitalCameraHQ grades the camera market trends of 2010
February 11: Steve's Digicam's look's at Ricoh's GXR's system's
February 11: Pentax financials good news / bad news
February 10: Privacy alert: Google Buzz has a major privacy flaw
February 10: Canon T2i starts strong, Nikon D3s crashes Top 25, Olympus E-PL1 lackluster (new top selling DSLRs update)
February 10: Thom Hogan on picking a (24mm) wide-angle Nikon lens
February 10: Almost-in-stock alert: Nikon D3s at $5200
February 10: The photography story behind the wallpaper of the Apple iPad
February 10: Tell DCResource which cameras you want to see reviewed
February 10: More Canon 1D Mark IV and Nikon D3s action
February 10: You can support this blog without spending a penny
February 9: The Pentax 645D is back on, annie at Japanese CP+ trade show? (March 11-14)
February 9: Panasonic teases mystery cameras for Focus on Imaging (March 7 to 11)
February 9: Canon 7D review at Photocrati by Jack Neubart
February 9: Recapping the last 30 hours of action: New Canon cameras, new Nikon lenses, Aperture 3, K-x instant rebate, Sony reviews, Fuji drugs
February 9: Olympus E-PL1 samples gallery by dpreview (and other stories)
February 9: Aperture 3 leaks Canon 1Ds Mark IV name or typo? (updated)
February 9: Apple launches Aperture 3 ($200 new, $100 upgraders)
February 9: New Pentax instant-rebate drops the K-x w/18-55 to $500, two-lens-kit to $600
February 9: Fujifilm wants to sell drugs (really!)
February 8: New Nikon 16-35mm f4 ED VR wide zoom lens ($1260, late February)
February 8: New Nikon 24mm f1.4 ED lens ($2200, late March)
February 8: Sony TX7 detailed review by Robin Chung (Exmor-R sensor)
February 8: New Sony A550 reviews at DC Resource, CNet, Register Hardware
February 8: New Canon Gear: T2i/550D DSLR, SX210 IS superzoom and three Elphs
February 8: New Canon Digital Rebel T2i (550D) moves up in specs (correction on prices!) (updated)
February 8: New Canon SX210 IS takes Canon funzooms in a new direction
February 8: New Canon SD3500 IS offers 5X wide (24-120mm) and 3.5-inch touchscreen
February 8: New Canon SD1400 IS and SD1300 IS go wide (start at 28mm, 4x)
February 8: Deal alert: Adobe Lightroom 2 for $150 (Monday only)
February 8: Panasonic dethrones Canon and Pentax returns to Top 100 in new Amazon Top Sellers update
February 7: Hands-on with the 1D Mark IV by Michael Willems
February 7: Interview with Nikon marketing (computer-translated)
February 7: Valentine's day gift ideas for camera geeks and techies
February 7: Peter K. Burian evaluates the Nikon 70-200mm f2.8 VR II
February 7: Two sets of ISO comparisons: GH1 vs Leica M9 vs E-P2 vs GF1
February 7: Leica X1 review at PDN Gear Guide
February 7: Tamron 60mm f2 Di-II macro review at Alpha Mount World
February 6: tests the Canon 7D
February 5: Genie time: If you could have one lens of your choice made...
February 5: Casio EX-G1 reviews reach quite different conclusions (waterproof camera)
February 5: Hands-on with the 56-megapixel Leaf Aptus II digital back
February 5: Curiosity factor: Fuji 3D camera review by Register Hardware


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