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February 12, 2010

Social media time: flickr pool, Twitter lists and fanboys, and flickr pool+Twitter

Time for some web2.0 action! We have four different community items that involve flickr and Twitter, and a short-url tip for flickr users.

The flickr pool
If you are a flickr user and share your pictures on various flickr pools, you can also join the Noisy Readers flickr pool. We feature the pictures from the pool, using the standard flickr widgets, on the front page of this blog and also the old blog. The flickr widget randomly selects which of the recently-added pictures to show each time a page is loaded. We do not store the pictures anywhere, we only display them using the standard flickr widgets, which show the pictures directly from flickr servers. You can opt-in/opt-out at anytime by adding/removing your pictures to/from the pool.

Twitter camera-brand fanboy/fangirl lists
If you are a big fan of a particular camera brand and use Twitter, and you want to be added to our camera-brand-fan Twitter lists, please leave a comment here or let us know on Twitter. Please note these are Twitter lists, we can only add Twitter accounts to the list. This is organized by camera-brand-name, not by mount or format (eg Nikon, Canon, Sony, Olympus, Panasonic, Fuji, Kodak, etc). There is a limit of one brand per Twitter account in order to keep things under control.

Twitter Photographer, Photography-Resource and Camera-Tech Lists
We also have more lists that we can add you if interested. Each Twitter account will be added to only one of the following three lists in order to keep things under control. Let us know on Twitter or the comments or use the contact form if you want to be added. Here is how we organize the three lists:

+ Photographer: The Twitter account points to a gallery, portfolio, or photo-blog as the website - eg a photographer's flickr/zenfolio/smugmug page, or a photo-blog

+ Photography Resources: Twitter accounts of websites that feature photography tips, tutorials, advice, sharing of expertise, business-talk, and more - eg David Ziser's Digital Pro Talk, Photocritic, etc

+ Camera Tech and Gear: Twitter accounts of websites that mostly/mainly focus on camera tech talk - eg dpreview, Photocrati, etc

+ if your Twitter presence fits in any other categories, we'll also try to find the appropriate one for you (eg blogging, professors, super-gurus, tech-sites, etc)

Flickr pool + Twitter co-promotions
We also manually select some of the latest flickr pool additions and mention them on Twitter. Most of the time we don't know if the photographer also has a Twitter account associated with their photography. So if you want us to also mention you @Twitter when we mention your picture on Twitter, please let us know which flickr and Twitter accounts go together. This is helpful because 1) you get more exposure 2) you can tell when your pictures are mentioned

It's easier to explain this with examples. If you are not familiar with Twitter, it may not make sense. Look at the bold text in the first vs its absence in the second example:

Example #1:
Misty b+w snowy night scene by @KBTimages (from #flickr pool) #photography

Example #2:
Misty b+w snowy night scene (from #flickr pool) #photography

Tip: Flickr's own shortcut url
If you want to use shortcut urls for your own flickr pictures, but you hate and tinyurl with a passion, fear not! Flickr has its own shortcut url. Just go to the picture page on flickr (example), then "View Source", and look for the link that starts with

You can see a live example in the previous section. So when people look at the url, they know it's a flickr link, not an unknown.

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