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February 16, 2010

Everybody is reviewing the Olympus E-P2 this week

Apparently everyone got the memo, because it is raining Olympus E-P2 reviews today! We start with Digital Camera Review, which in addition to the review, will also be having a "street photography assignment" feature with the E-P2 to be published at a later date.

Next up, you may have seen different parts of the review at Focus Numerique, but now they have finalized it like a DVD-R ;-)

Moving along, Tech Radar has their say - actually this is a reprint of a printed UK photography magazine, but for most "internet peoples" it is a new review :)

Going back a couple of days, we find a review of the camera at Camera Labs which includes an embedded test of the 17mm f2.8 Oly-pancake lense.

For more reviews be sure to check the E-P2 review cluster or the shockingly disciplined mini-site

In terms of pricing, both kits remain close to $1100 at, with Ace leading the way with a $25 discount. If you do need accessories you can get a better value by checking some of the bundles, but obviously their prices are over $1100. As you may recall, the Olympus E-P1 was an initial breakout success story for Micro Four Thirds and was able to hold on to its opening price for a long time. Considering the competition and increasing options, we are guessing that the E-P2 will not be able to hold the $1100 as long as the E-P1 held its opening prices. But it's only a guess :)

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