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February 15, 2010

Eight new Pentax K-x colors invade Europe (low prices hold, some kits go on back-order)

The Japanese 100-colors strategy paid off, and now Pentax has launched an eight color invasion of Europe! See all the new juicy colors in all their glory at Le Monde de la Photeaux, DP UK, Fotopolis and Pocket Lint. These are eight new colors, in addition to the four current colors available in Europe. That means you have a choice of 12 different colors. Time for a trip to Europe? :) The "Metal Turquoise" color will definitely be a head-turner when you are out and about ;-)

The other big K-x news is the price-war that broke out between B&H Photo and Amazon, fueled by the short-term $50 instant rebate, is making the camera harder to resist even among non-Pentaxians. We have just refreshed the K-x stock status page with the latest prices. For the speed-readers, here are the best prices right now:

K-x with 18-55 lens
+ WHITE: $469 at Amazon and B&H Photo
+ BLACK: $470 at Amazon and B&H Photo
+ NAVY: $478 at B&H Photo
+ RED: $485 at Amazon and B&H Photo

K-x with 18-55 and 50-200
+ $574 at Amazon but ships in "1 to 2 months" (you can order it and lock the price)
+ $574 at B&H Photo but temporarily out of stock - cannot order it
+ $600 at J&R World in-stock and shipping
+ $600 at Abe's of Maine when you use coupon code LOYALTY10

k-X WITH 18-55 and 55-300
+ $650 at B&H Photo
+ $650 at Amazon but ships in "1 to 2 months"

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