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February 23, 2010

Coming soon: Noktor ultra fast lenses starting with 50mm f0.95

Not to be confused with Nokton, Noktor, a new brand/company is planning to introduce ultra fast prime Noktor lenses. And this was perhaps the first camera/lens revealed on Twitter by the manufacturer itself, instead of the traditional press-release/media route. has the revelation story and leaked specs. The lens discussed there is a 50mm f0.95 (not a typo) for Micro Four Thirds, which would certainly excite f0.95 photographers everywhere :)

Fast forward to a couple of days ago, and hybridography rising-star-guru Philip Bloom said on his blog that he will be receiving a review unit!

In another first for Twitter (at least in the world cameras/photography), the company's own website is actually linking back to their Twitter account! This undoubtedly has some people wondering whether we are all getting "punk'd", but it sort of makes sense that a new company may not be interested in using (nor afford) the traditional (and very tired) PR/marketing approach. Why pay them lots of money to produce PR-bloatware and still not provide all the essential product information? :) Already, TechCrunch declared the NDA dead (sort of).

Either way, this should be interesting :)

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