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January 18, 2010

Three new Samsung P&S models TL110 (ST70), TL105 (ST60), SL630 (PL80)

With CES in the rear-view-mirror, the run-up to PMA 2010 has began with a five-pack of new Samsung digital cameras. We start with the three new point and shoot models!

Samsung SL630
This is a new 12mp P&S model, with a 5x optical zoom lens that starts at 28mm wide (28-140mm eq). It features optical stabilization, 30fps VGA, 2.7" LCD, LiIon battery and is expected to come out in March 2010. It includes all the usual consumer-flirting features, face detection, de-uglification (beauty shot), blink, smile, and things like that.

Samsung TL110 and TL105
Two more cameras come in the TL-series, but they only have an LCD display on the back. They are not dual-view. They are variations on a theme, with the TL110 "braving" the wrath of over-megapixelation with a 14mp 1/2.3" sensor, while the TL105 has the 12mp sensor. Both have a 2.7" (230K) LCD display.

The TL110 starts at around 27mm eq with a 5X optical zoom lens with optical stabilization, while the TL105 at around 27.5mm eq with a 4x zoom lens (no optical stabilization?). Both offer 30fps 720p H.264 video.

The usual parade of consumer-friendly features is here too, with the TL110 having a little bit more, so as to justify the +5 in model number :)

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