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January 03, 2010

Samsung NX-10 is now official - with previews too

The Samsung NX-10 is now official. Nearly one year after its development notice (time sure does fly?) at PMA 2009. The numerous "RedCrow" leaks were right, the camera comes out with a 14.6mp APS-C sensor, and a brand new lens mount (NX) with three new lenses (two zooms and a 30mm pancake). Prices and configurations have yet to be revealed.

+ Hands-on at CNet Asia with body-size comparison and prototype crops [NEW!]
+ Hands-on with camera and three lenses and flash at
+ 12-page hands-on preview at dpreview
+ photoscala
+ Engadget
+ AP UK - black or brown
+ Imaging Resource
+ Gizmodo
+ CNet Craves - mentions the three leaked lenses
+ dpreview
+ Samsung herself
+ Press release at Imaging Insider

Main Samsung NX-10 specs
+ 14.6mp CMOS sensor
+ takes NX lenses
+ lens information not revealed (yet?)
+ stabilization in lenses, not camera body
+ pop-up flash
+ DRIMe II Pro engine (a rather complex name)
+ 720p video (H.264)
+ 3-inch AMOLED LCD (VGA)
+ dust-bunnies shaker
+ launches soon depending on geography
+ prices and kit options not revealed yet

So now it is official, the first properly officially announced new camera in 2010. No more paper-gangsta competition for Micro Four Thirds - the NX-10 is getting real and with a larger sensor!

But where are the details on the lenses? Did Samsung forget they are launching a brand new system that most people know nothing about?

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