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January 28, 2010

Reactions and over-reactions to the new Apple iPad (very long round-up)

It's almost two days since the official announcement of the Apple iPad. Time to round-up some of the reactions from the internets, and see whether the hype-balloon deflates, inflates or explodes to reality. This is only a small subset of the whole iPadosphere. A cross-section of opinions and coverage if you must...

A camera option may be coming?
Wired notices that Crunch Gear noticed that that there is a "Take a Photo" option in the menus. Well, let me tell you, it's hard to take a picture without a camera!

The iPad does not have a camera as you may have heard by now, pointed out at Pop Photo and many other places.

Reactions from the photo-blogo-sphere
Luminous takes a long look at the tablet and opines multi-dimensionally, managing to mix-in the conversation the RED and Panasonic GH1.

Photoshop's mommy is not happy with Apple, since the iPad does not run Flash points out Tom's Hardware. Well, maybe if Flash apps were less bloated and not the resource hogs they currently are? :)

How can photographers use it is one of the common themes of the last few hours, and the question is tacked by many, including Photo Walk Pro, Scott Wyden, G. Dan Mitchell, Black Star Rising, PDN Gear Guide, the PhoBlographer, Peta Pixel, Graf Photo, Sublime Light, and many more.

And what about the iPad's impact on blind photographers? The Blind Photographer blog opines...

From the hybrid world of video/stills, Photo Cine News asks what's missing, and ProLost looks at movie making with it...

Eolake rounds up the action, with discussion following in the comments.

Scott Bourne has a double opinion on the iPad and has strong opinions on the absence of Flash.

And now time to practice your french, at Le Monde et Pixfan.

And now something funny and NSFW, an old sketch from MadTV talking about the other Apple ...iPad. You can find the video all over the place via YouTube embeds, including the Digital Wedding Forum blog.

Podcasts and videos
As you can expect, lots of coverage of this at with the techie-celebrities.

CNet's Gadgettes podcast has a special iPad edition for your listening pleasure!

And there's the obligatory ...Hitler video - now opining on the iPad.

Reactions at the tech-blogs
First we start with what's inside the device. The brains if you must. Apple Insider looks at the custom-built processor. Some may draw parallels to Nikon's approach to DSLR-sensors?

If you prefer to read text-based stuff, head on over to the opinion at Daring Fireball (yes, we are not the only text-based blog out there!).

Waves of blog-posts came out at Engadget covering the launch.

Not everyone is singing the praises of the iPad, one of the Gimzodo bloggers has eight reasons to sing the iPad blues. Wired points at ten things that are missing. And CNet Crave points at ten things netbooks are better. Not that the iPad is intended to replace netbooks, but their Venn diagrams have a considerable area of overlap in terms of use-cases and functionality. But Wired's Gadget Lab disagrees, they say it's more like a TV than a computer.

Louis Gray tries to navigate common sense and points to casual computing and content consumption.

Another opinionated techie opines on this, I, Cringely with a 90+ discussion in the comments.

But even the name is controversial these days, Fujitsu says "iPad" is actually our trademark! More on this at Akihabara and the IHT/NYT.

Are you in Asia and interested in the iPad? CNet Asia points at five things you need to know about Asia and the iPad.

More opinions, this one this time by a Regular Geek, unlike all the other irregular geeks out here and out there :)

But a product is not a product unless the advertising networks jump on the bandwagon. Then you know you got people's interest :)

And Crunch Gear tries to measure the hysteria by counting ...words :)

iPad vs Kindle
TechCrunch is not afraid of opinions, and they have ten reasons why the ApplePad will put the AmazonPad out of business. This is a hotly debated blog-posts - as usual with Tech Crunch.

Engadget compares to the Kindles, from the perspective of online book readers. And so does CNet. Both are spec-sheet comparisons, obviously not side-by-sides.

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