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January 19, 2010

Picture #12000 in the flickr pool (thanks to everyone for sharing!)

We have a new milestone in the flickr pool, 12000 pictures have been submitted. Thanks to everyone for sharing their work!

As fate would have it, picture #12000 is a gear-picture, a result of LBA, a picture of the Minolta 100-200mm f4.5 lens by Herb G. (also Twitter).

The flickr pool was created as a way for our readers to share their pictures with everybody else. We feature some of the latest additions to the flickr pool on the front page of the main blog, on the front page of the old blogspot blog, and as an experiment we feature Panasonic LX3 pictures in the LX3 diary.

Needless to say, we do not use the pictures for any purpose other than to display them directly from the flickr pool using a standard flickr widget. We do not store the pictures anywhere on our servers or computers. Pictures can be added/removed at any time by adding/removing them from the flickr pool.

Please note that the flickr pool is intended for an all-ages audience - many people are reading this blog at their office/workplace, and when reading a mostly text-based tech-blog, they do not expect to see adult-themed pictures which could get them in trouble with their bosses.

If you have any suggestions for new features for the flickr pool, please use the contact form or leave a comment below.

Once again, thanks to everyone for participating and sharing! Next milestone - 13000!

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