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January 06, 2010

Panasonic F3 and F2 are new, modest, LiIon-based P&S cameras

Just like Samsung, Panasonic's camera names have now become globally confused and entangled. Today's burst-mode yields nine (yes, nine) point and shoot models compared to just three equivalent models at last year's CES. This time we say farewell to AA-batteries, as the LS85 has not received a replacement.

The action begins with the two LiIon-based basic P&S models, the Panasonic F2 and F3. Thankfully these are global names. If the name sounds vaguely familiar to you camera geeks out there, it's because they had a Panasonic F1 announced in October 2002. That naming series remained unused until it was resurrected just now :)

To quote a great NFL coach, the F3 and F2 are what we thought they would be! Compact, streamlined and basic with a LiIon battery. The F3 leads the way with a 12mp 1/2.3" sensor and a 4X lens that starts at 28mm wide (28-112mm eq). It has a 2.7-inch LCD and can record 720p video. Panasonic is not generous, they want you to shoot HD-video, so you can buy more of their HDTVs :) It also supports the SDXC card.

The DMC-F2 is a step below, with 4X zoom lens that starts at 33mm (33-132mm eq), a 2.5" LCD, VGA video mode, and a 10mp 1/2.5" sensor. The F2 beats the F3 with a 300-220 CIPA score even though they use the same ID-security LiIon battery.

Needless to say, these are strictly Program and Scene modes.

For more, be sure to check the Panasonic Global page.

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