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January 22, 2010

Nikon D3s review at Fotopolis (and Times Square samples)

Review time for the Nikon machine-gun. Grab your Polish dictionary and head on over to Fotopolis for a nine-page review! ISO and color tests are can be found here and here, which include real-world full-size samples (click on pictures to get full-size). Fotopolis has also come up with a great visual representation of their conclusions, look at the spider web at the bottom of the conclusions page. So how did it do? One spoiler: Look at the right sidebar of their website - they have the top 10 scores of cameras they have tested so far...

More D3s, this time real-world pictures from the one and only Times Square in the Big Apple, published at Photography Bay, including a Hot Dog stand ISO test.

For more on the camera, check the D3S mini-blog (see category link below the line) or check the Web 1.0 D3s reference page. The page has an embedded stock-status tracker in the left sidebar. Amazon had the camera for a couple of days in-stock at $5200, but now they sold out.

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