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January 06, 2010

New Samsung TL240 (ST 5000), SL600, SL50 (also CL80/ST5500 gets official and hydro-formed)

We start a major catch-up-a-thon with new digital cameras from Samsung. One new thing that has emerged is that the first two cameras below were designed/created using hydro-forming technology. According to the Samsung press release: "The CL80 and the TL240 are the first consumer electronic products ever to be manufactured using hydro-forming technology."

Samsung CL80 aka ST 5500
The CL80 was accidentally leaked on the Samsung website on XMas day. It is a 14mp 1/2.3" camera with a 7X lens that starts at 31mm wide, 3.7" AMOLED touch-screen, 720p video, and things like that.

Samsung TL240 aka ST 5000
The TL240 is a step below the CL80 mentioned above, as it features a smaller 3.5" "regular" LCD display instead of AMOLED. But it is still a touch-screen. It also loses the WiFi, and Bluetooth, but it is more or less similar in other aspects.

Prices have not yet been revealed. The TL240 is coming in February while the CL80 is coming later on.

We beg and plead Samsung and the other manufacturers to switch to a universal naming model. The world is now e-interconnected and having different names creates a lot of confusion. It's bad enough that we have 200 new camera models every year - see 2009 and 2008!

Samsung SL600 (aka ES70?)
This is a more affordable model in terms of specs, even though prices have not been revealed yet. It uses a 12mp sensor, with a 5X lens that starts at 27mm wide, 30fps VGA video, and a 2.7" LCD. It appears that it does not have image stabilization however.

Samsung SL50 (aka ES65?)
This is an entry-level model, with a 10mp sensor (1/2.3" of course), with the same 5X lens as above, a 2.5" display, and 30fps VGA.

Trusted German website Photoscala has detailed specs on the ES70 and ES65, which appear to be the same as the SL600 and SL50, although at this point we are not 100% sure. The prices are 180 and 150 euro.

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