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January 06, 2010

New Samsung TL210 and TL205 are new two-screen (Dual-View) models

Dear Samsung, it may have been a good idea to give all the dual-view (back and front screen) digital cameras a unique series name, so people won't get confused. You know, something like DV-something :) Too late now...

Added to the first two practically-innovative dual-view models of 2009 (TL225, TL220) are the new models TL210 and TL205. Prices have not been revealed, so it is hard to figure out where they stand compared to the 2009 models. Usually a lower model number is an indicator of status, but with the chaotic naming convention at Samsung, who knows... This is further complicated because their other names are PL150 and PL100, while the 2009 models were named ST550 and ST500. What a frelling mess!

What little is known about these cameras is buried in their press release. Both are 12-megapixel models (although one is 12.4 and the other is 12.2 but who really cares), with a 1.5-inch LCD display on the front, image stabilization, and the usual barrage of consumer-friendly features.

The differentiation comes at the screen on the back, the TL210 has 3" vs 2.7". The most important distinction is the lens - the TL210 has a 5X optical zoom lens that starts at 27mm wide, while the TL205 has a standard 3X non-wide zoom lens. The TL210 features 720p video, while the TL205 the standard 30fps VGA.

The two cameras are further apart than their model numbers seem to indicate. The TL205 looks like it may be the affordable mass-market jump-on-the-two-screen-bangwagon model, while the TL210 may be taking on the two existing models.

UPDATE: It appears Photoscala has European prices, 280 and 230 euro respectively. They also have detailed specifications.

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