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January 06, 2010

New Kodak Slice hopes for success as slick smartphone-inspired touchscreen camera

Just like the Nikon Coolpixies, every 2-3 years Kodak tries to come up with something unique or original. Nikon had a relatively good hit with S1000pj projector-cam, especially when you compare it to the "Coolpix SQ" disaster of a few years ago. It is now Kodak's turn to experiment, and their experiment is the SLICE...

Kodak Slice

As the name hints, this is a very thin device, with nothing but a 3.5" touch-screen on the back. The lens (top right corner) is a Schneider-branded 5X prism lens with optical image stabilization.

The sensor is the new 14mp 1/2.3" (insert cringe again) with promises of stunning "up to" 30x40 prints. Other features include 30fps 720p video, face recognition, user-friendly features, Smart Capture, scene-modes, KLIC-7000 LiIon battery, and such.

The camera includes 2gb of on-board memory so theoretically one can keep shooting. It also takes microSDHC cards. As you may recall, this is not the first time a manufacturer offered a camera with a decent amount of on-board memory. The last one we can recall is the Sony Cyhershot T2 announced in October 2007 with 4gb on-board memory.

Kodak Slice (front view) (Amazon)

The camera is available for pre-ordering at $350 in your choice of black or white.

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