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January 11, 2010

New DSLR Top sellers: La Resistance has formed (Kx and G)

Welcome to a new edition of the top selling DSLRs at Amazon soap-opera. With holiday shopping in the rear-view mirror, the enthusiasts, gearheads and professional photographers are back influencing the market to a greater extend :) If this is the first time you see this recurring feature, be sure to check the introductory post first.


K-x and Panasonic G-series form La Resistanz
As you can see in the "Top 25 Vitals" below, this is a CaNiKoN-dominated top 25. But there is some resistance forming - the various Pentax K-x kits and the Panasonic G-series Micro Four Thirds cameras, namely the GF1 and the discounted to $1250 GH1 kit... The GF1 kits would have had a better showing if they were able to stay in-stock on a regular basis... The K-x has a good showing considering it has seven retail kits.

Some prices up-ticking
As you can see from the price up-ticks vs down-ticks of the last couple of updates, the prices of some DSLRs are going up (eg Nikon). But that's not in unison. Others are going down. For example, the Canon 5D Mark II got an across-the-board $200 discount for both kits.

Top 25 Vitals
+ Canon vs Nikon: 11-9
+ # of 35mm FF: two
+ # of non-DSLRs: two
+ # of non-CaNiKoN: five
+ # of cameras over $1000: nine
+ # of cameras under $500: three
+ # of price upticks vs downticks: 5-3
+ # of unique models in the Top 25: 15

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