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January 07, 2010

New Casio EX-H15 blade-zoom with 10X zoom and 1000+ CIPA rating (just like the EX-H10)

The EX-FH10 was revealed in June 2009 and it was Casio's first attempt at a blade-zoom. Its identifying characteristic was a battery life estimate of 1000, which, shockingly, proved to be an under-estimate (!) when Japanese website DC-Watch tried to reproduce the tests.

Nine months later, Mother Casio has a new baby, the EX-H15. As you can tell from the model name, this is a follow-up model that actually shares a lot of its core specs with the new Z2000 P&S.

Once again, a CIPA estimate of 1000 with the NP-90 LiIon battery, along with a 10X optical zoom lens (24-240mm eq) with sensor-shift stabilization, and a rather compact body (considering the zoom lens) define this camera.

Misery loves company at 14mp 1/2.3", with 30fps 720p video, a 3-inch LCD display, Exilim Engine 5.0, AF assist, and things like that.

As of the time of writing, we could not find this one at Amazon but its opening price will be $300 says Engadget. Its predecessor, the EX-H10, dropped to as low as $200 during the holidays, but rebounded to around $240 right now.

The detailed spec-sheet is towards the bottom of the Casio annie.

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