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January 22, 2010

Both Leica M9 colors invade the Amazon DSLR Top 20

Another week, time for a new update of the top selling DSLRs at Amazon. As usual, if this is your first visit, be sure to read the introduction first.

The Leica Invasion
It's not often you see one Leica M-series in the Top 100 of the top selling dSLRs at Amazon, so it is quite a rare event to see two of them in the top 20. On the strength of pre-orders both the black and gray M9s are in the top 20. Needless to say, there is pent up demand for a full-frame M-series digital, and the Wall Street bonuses have been cashed ;-)

With the Leica invasion, the "Top 25 Vitals" show more diversity than usual...

(The Amazon DSLR ranking includes all iLCs, DSLRs, rangefinders, M43rds, etc).

The Pentax K-x Octomom
We saw eight actual retail kits for the Pentax K-x, seven of which are available at Amazon, and six of them are priced competitively with respect to one another. So it is hard for any kit to break out. When the price drops dramatically for one of the kits, like it did for the zoomier two-lens kit, it usually sells out and goes in back-order, which slows down its progress.

Five of those kits are currently in the top 40, with the navy kit just a few steps behind. The only one that is not priced competitively is the body-only. B&H Photo also had a two-lens kit for the navy color, which makes it eight, thus the "K-x Octomom".

There is no way to construct a ranking with all the different body colors and kits combined, since what we have here is ranking, not camera unit sales.

Top 25 Vitals
+ Canon vs Nikon: 10-8
+ # of non-CaNiKoNs: seven (quite possibly the highest in quite a while)
+ # of 35mmFF cameras: three
+ # of non-DSLRs: five
+ # of cameras over $1000: 10
+ # of cameras under $500: 4
+ # of price upticks vs downticks: 2-4
+ # of individual camera models in the Top 25: 16

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